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The Episode kicks off with Faltu heading over to Mittal office. Ayaan inquires if she is present there. Neil requests Dada ji to inform Ayaan they are providing a safe place for her and caring for her. When Faltu arrives, she covers her face and asks the lady working to pass the report to Brijmohan. Suddenly, Kinshuk voices out that it’s Faltu Bhabhi. She queries who he is talking about. He requests her to reveal herself and upon looking at her face, he exclaims that it’s Faltu Bhabhi and Ayaan was really worried about her wellbeing. But, before he could say any further, she slams the auto-rickshaw door shut and drives away.

Ayaan inquires if what he heard is true. Dada ji verifies that Faltu is currently inhabiting his home; Neil had become unwell in Nasik and it was her kindness that saved him. Feeling unable to reciprocate the favour, he gave her a place to stay as she was without accompaniment and looking for employment. After Ayaan expresses gratitude to Dada ji for resolving all his issues, he requests to meet Faltu once but his grandfather refuses since he promised her that no one would know about her whereabouts. Kinshuk mentions that Faltu had seemed to deliver some file, leaving soon after without halting even when Dada ji suggested Ayaan wished to apologize.

She ran away when I told her everything, Kinshuk says. Ayaan says that’s fine, she won’t go too far, he says. Janardhan says take us home, I will talk to Faltu and convince her, Ayaan has realized his mistake, he has torn the divorce papers, he doesn’t want to divorce her, so I request that you make them meet once. Ayaan searches for Faltu. Kinshuk saves Ayaan from a van. Ayaan tries to reach her.

Upon returning home, Faltu drinks water. Kaka asks where you went and if everything is okay, so I called Dada ji. She says I went to give Dada ji the file. Ayaan pleads with Dada ji and Neil to take him home, desperately asking to meet Faltu. He begs them, saying, “Please, let me see her.” Dada ji tries to calm him down and promises to call and check if she’s there. On the other hand, Neil questions Ayaan’s emotional outburst, reminding him that he had sent divorce papers to Faltu, so there’s no need for this crying drama.

Ayaan says please take me home when Dada ji calls home, asking about Faltu. Kaka tells him she’s home. Dada ji says don’t let her go anywhere. Dada ji says I’ll make you meet her, but she won’t meet you, she’s said she won’t stay with you, so I’ll be glad if you can patch up. Ayaan says let’s meet once. Dada ji says fine.

Then Sid tells Tanu everything. She asks for the address. He asks what you will do there. Sid argues and says we won’t go there. Faltu worries. Kaka tells her to drink ginger tea and stop worrying. The doorbell rings. She goes to see what’s there. Savita says I should be there. Tanu claims Ayaan will convince Faltu. Savita expresses her fear of causing pain to his heart. She can’t bear to see him in this state, but she believes he won’t come back as he has a strong ego. Nevertheless, she’s determined to go there and be with Ayaan.

Faltu opens the door and explains that she came to deliver the file. She wonders if Ayaan doubted that she would stay there. She inquires about how they dealt with the situation. Neil and Dada ji remain silent as they enter the house. Faltu presses for an answer, and Dada ji admits they couldn’t lie because Kinshuk had seen her. Ayaan arrives home with Dada ji and Neil. Faltu looks at him and breaks into tears.

Janardhan came too. Sid warned us that if we went against his wishes, the whole thing might be ruined. He argued that Ayaan had made a mistake, one we should help him apologise for in order to secure his happiness. Savita disagreed; she asserted that with Faltu by his side, Ayaan could never find true joy. Janardhan requested they come home with them but Ayaan was remorseful and contrite; he knew the magnitude of his fault since Ruhaan had enlightened him about it all. She however point blank refused – citing the fact that Neil was wealthy with no qualms about her cricketing career, and moreover had a small family whereas she’d have none of it with them.

As Ayaan says, I understand why you are repeating my words, I apologize. She says no, you made a mistake marrying someone like me, enough, forgive me, your eyes were opened, you shouldn’t repeat the mistake, I’ve moved on. She apologizes to Janardhan. She cries and says I can’t do this always. Ayaan says forgive me for the last time, I promise I won’t repeat the mistake again. He cries.

The precap:

Neil brings Faltu flowers and says Ayaan sent them. Faltu doesn’t want them. Ayaan apologizes.

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