Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 27th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 Written Episode Update on

A rude comment on those aunties is what Ram tells Priya to do in this episode. She asks what. He tells her what to do. He says let’s do it, you’ll be on Mom’s hit list. He leaves. Sheetal tells everyone about Priya. She says Ram will send me to jail if he finds out. Mitali reprimands her and instructs her to continue working.

Avinash agrees and tells her she can leave, assuring that they will transfer the money to her account. Sheetal departs. He then states that he has a plan to silence her. Shalini talks to her friends. She says look there, Priya’s here. Priya greets her friends and makes jokes about them. As Ram watches, Shalini worries about her behavior.

She has been acting so well. Priya asks Shalini if she has a headache. Shalini holds her head. Her friends ask her to say anything. Priya apologizes.

Ram calls out, “Priya…” but Shalini interjects, Ram thinks “Plan successful, now Shalini will hate Priya.” Ram asks what happened, your friends left. She asks him to ask his wife. She says Priya didn’t do right, but the best part was that I had fun. Priya asks what. Ram says you should have been upset with her. She says she was a star, she taught my mean friends a lesson, I am so happy, I’ll tell Reena about it. Ram says we’ll try something else. Sheetal is pushed downstairs by someone.

Avinash gazes in shock as Shalini collapses. The doctor diagnoses her with a head injury and explains that she has gone into a coma. Alarmed, Ram pledges to cover all medical costs and any other requirements which may arise. Avinash assures them not to worry. Inquisitively, Priya inquires about Shalini’s medicine, to which the doctor responds that it is for low blood pressure – whereas Shalini suffers from high blood pressure due to her heart condition; he believes it belongs to Avinash. Priya expresses her gratitude before exiting with her confusion over the wrong medication looming large in her mind. Shreya looks on anxiously.

Avinash and Pratap obtain a will and urge Shalini to prioritize her health. They request her to sign the will, assuring her that they will make all the necessary arrangements. She says I’ll read the papers and sign them later. Shreya checks Ram’s room. As Kriti arrives, she asks what her plans are. She says you’re an opportunist, Ram is your last hope, but you’re just looking for fame and money. They argue.

We should not fight, otherwise, Priya will win. Kriti asks Shreya what her plan is. Shreya says we have to attack Priya’s values, Priya made one mistake by loving Yuvraj, I will leak this picture.

The precap:

Then Aleka asks Ram how he got against Yuvraj. Ram defends Priya. I wouldn’t say I like her tears, he says.

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