Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 July 3rd 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Ram’s relatives taunting Anju. Shivani reassures them that they won’t have a problem if there’s a power outage. Anju explains that they had a problem with the electrician on the mehendi day, but they have arranged for a generator to power the air-conditioned hall. Shalini praises their family and sense of humor, jokingly mentioning that her relatives might ask them for shawls.

Anju expresses her gratitude, and Sanjeev smiles. Shalini tells them to go about their work while they take care of things. Shreya and Kriti retrieve the pen drive. Rishabh instructs them to start the program with Ritika. Shreya admits to Kriti that involving others might ruin their plan. Gaurav scolds Shreya, who apologizes and explains her frustration, assuring him that the slideshow contains pictures of Ram and his family. She has transferred the pictures to the pen drive and suggests they enjoy themselves now.

Shreya declares that Ram and Priya will be married, and Alekha will throw Yuvraj out. Kriti expresses her desire to marry Ram. Yuvraj overhears their conversation and realizes they plan to break his relationship with Alekha as well. Priya tends to a young girl, giving her dental advice and prescriptions. The girl expresses her gratitude, praising Priya’s supportive husband, Ram Kapoor, and mentioning that everyone is eager to catch a glimpse of him, while he waits for her.

The guests gossip about Ram and Priya’s absence. Shalini tells the priest not to worry and assures him they will arrive soon. Ram and Priya get stuck in traffic. Priya urges Ram to find a solution, but he jokes about flying the car or using a helicopter, although landing it at the wedding hall would be challenging. Ram waits for a delivery guy, receives his order, and promises to write a positive review with a five-star rating. He enjoys a vada pav and insists that Priya tries it too. Priya insists they continue driving as her parents would be worried.

Ram continues joking, lighting the atmosphere. The song “Tum Jo Mil Gaye” plays in the background. Shreya checks the pictures and realizes Yuvraj is included. Gaurav and Rishabh question Yuvraj’s presence, and Shreya instructs them to follow her plan and leave the room. Shreya asks Kriti to guard the pen drive and tells her that she will inform Ram about the surprise while Kriti reveals her relationship with Shalini, as they are going to get married today. Kriti thanks Shreya and hugs her, while Yuvraj seethes with anger.

Everyone anxiously awaits Ram and Priya’s arrival, and they finally enter the venue. Shalini praises Ram’s support for Priya, making Sanjeev happy. Shivani questions if it’s a bad omen that the bride and groom arrived together, but Shalini dismisses her concerns. Anju notices Yuvraj’s presence and asks why he is there. The others notice him as well. Anju instructs Ritika to take Priya to the room, and Priya becomes upset. Ram senses her distress and believes she may think he broke his promise.

In the precap, Shreya reveals the surprise to everyone and signals Kriti.

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