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The Episode begins with Phoolwati informing Bindiya and Payal that she has come to shave their heads. Meanwhile, Madan changes the tire of a car and hides behind it when he sees a police jeep approaching. Rekha notices Madan hiding and wonders why he is hiding from the police. The inspector gets out of the jeep and asks if there’s any problem. Rekha explains that they had a flat tire, so they changed it.

Phoolwati has tied Bindiya and Payal’s hands and mouths tightly. She announces her intention to ruin their respect and proceeds to shave off Bindiya’s hair. Bindiya and Payal struggle to scream for help. Dadi, who is praying for Bindiya and Payal’s safety, realizes that Phoolwati and Bhim are not at home. She becomes anxious, wondering if they discovered their plan. Dadi prays to God to protect her granddaughters. Bindiya fights back desperately. As Phoolwati tries to shave her hair, she accidentally cuts her own hand. Bhim scolds Bindiya and Phoolwati decides to shave Payal’s hair first.

Rekha compliments the inspector for being alert and offering help. The inspector tells her to go and leaves. Madan tells Rekha that he doesn’t want to show his face to the inspector. Meanwhile, Bhim receives a call from Rose just as Phoolwati attempts to shave Payal’s hair. Phoolwati answers the call and scolds Bhim for being born into such a family.

Bindiya and Payal manage to free themselves and try to run, but Phoolwati and Bhim catch them and tie them to a tree. The police arrive at the scene, and although the girls attempt to escape, they are caught by the police. Bhim pleads with the police to let them go. Bindiya expresses her gratitude to Goddess Ambe. A flower falls into Dadi’s lap, and she understands that Ambe Maa is with the girls and will protect them.

The inspector arrives and slaps Bhim. Phoolwati claims they haven’t done anything wrong and asks to be released. The inspector questions the nature of their relationship. Phoolwati clarifies that Bhim is her brother-in-law. The inspector asks why they were carrying a shaver. Bhim explains that they intended to teach Bindiya and Payal a lesson by shaving their heads and blackening their faces to make them wander in the village. The inspector expresses his disbelief in their behaviour and questions the type of relatives they have. He inquires why their “Mama” (Madan) hasn’t come yet to collect the money. Phoolwati realizes that it was a trap for Madan. She asks Bindiya and Payal to request the inspector to forgive them. Bindiya questions whether they would have done the same if their parents were alive, and Payal suggests that they should be sent to jail. Bindiya declares that she wants them to leave their house.

A female constable suggests blackening Phoolwati and Bhim’s faces and making them wander in the village, just as they had intended to do to the girls. Their faces are blackened, and the inspector instructs the constables to take them away. Madan and Rekha arrive at the scene, and the inspector remarks that their “Mama” didn’t show up.

The police bring Phoolwati and Bhim with their heads shaved and Phoolwati’s eyebrows shaved off. The inspector tells the constables to take them on a village outing. Madan claims that Bindiya will do as he instructed. The inspector assures Bindiya that nobody can harm her as he is with them. He encourages Bindiya to remain courageous and brave. Madan and Rekha observe them from a distance and hear their conversation. The inspector reveals that their “Mama” changed the plan. Madan and Rekha are shocked to see Phoolwati and Bhim with blackened faces.

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