Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 – 22nd June 2023 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins with Yuvraj secretly spiking the drinks at the bachelor’s party. He ensures that Ram arrives on time by sending him the location. Ram arrives at the party along with Shardul. Ram’s cousins insist that he takes shots, but Ram initially refuses. However, under pressure, he eventually gives in and drinks the spiked drink. Ram notices the unusual taste and smell, realizing that something is mixed in it. Shardul confirms his suspicion, but Yuvraj dismisses their concerns, claiming it to be the smell of fruit punch. Ignoring their warnings, the others force Ram to drink more.

The party continues with the arrival of the girls, and Ram’s cousins dance with them. Garv, one of Ram’s cousins, disconnects his phone to avoid any disturbances. Shardul worries about their mother’s reaction upon learning about the presence of girls at the party. Ram dances with the girls, while Shreya watches from a distance. Yuvraj stops Shardul from intervening.

Meanwhile, Shreya contacts Sandeep, pretending to have found Ram’s phone on the road. She urges him to come to a specific address to collect it. Sandeep agrees to come and requests Shreya to wait for him. However, she insists that she cannot wait and instead hands over the phone to the office guard, instructing him to keep it a secret. Shreya then informs Kriti about Sandeep’s arrival, advising her to go and meet Ram. Kriti, determined to get Ram’s attention, agrees and leaves. Sandeep arrives at the party, and Shardul questions his presence. Ram reassures Sandeep that he is fine, while Shardul explains that it’s Ram’s bachelor’s party. Kriti interrupts, expressing her sadness over Ram marrying someone else and wanting to spend some time with her boyfriend. Shardul warns her about the potential consequences if Shalini finds out and urges her to leave. Kriti requests just five minutes, and Ram supports her. Shardul reluctantly agrees, cautioning them to be quick.

As Sandeep waits outside, he receives the phone from the guard, who warns him to keep it confidential. Shreya messages Kriti about Sandeep’s arrival, and Kriti informs Ram’s cousins. They create a commotion, shouting Ram Kapoor’s name, distracting Sandeep’s attention. Sandeep investigates and witnesses Ram drinking while surrounded by the girls. Concerned, Kriti tries to stop Ram, but he continues to indulge. Sandeep’s anger intensifies, and he decides to take action, believing that he cannot let Priya marry the wrong man. Sandeep enters the party and interrupts the music, returning Ram’s phone. He accuses Ram of being irresponsible and cancels the marriage. Shardul pleads with Sandeep, asking him to listen and promising to talk to Ram. However, Ram faints, and Sandeep leaves in anger. Shardul calls for water and tries to revive Ram.

Meanwhile, Sandeep arrives home and calls out for Priya. He informs her that she won’t marry Ram, revealing that he saw Ram’s true nature at the party—drunk and dancing with another girl. Priya becomes worried, and Sandeep argues with Anju about his decision. He mentions Kriti’s involvement with Ram and accuses them of having an affair. Priya defends Ram, claiming that Kriti is just his friend and that she trusts him. Sandeep questions her trust, reminding her of her failed trust in Yuvraj.

In the precap, Kriti decides to inform everyone about her love for Ram and heads towards Shalini to share the truth.

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