Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 13th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 – 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Priya handing the keys to Ram. Ram initially refuses, saying that she has no rights over his property and assets. However, Priya insists, and Ram eventually takes the keys from her. She then tells him to take off his shoes, as it makes her feel uncomfortable. Ram, on the other hand, feels good about keeping his shoes on. They have a sweet moment as they hold each other close, while the song “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain” plays in the background.

Priya asks if they are going out, and Ram clarifies that they need to go downstairs for dinner, as per Sona and Shreya’s rule of dressing up for the occasion. Priya mentions that she and Ritika usually watch TV and eat from the same plate. Ram explains that they eat from separate plates, as it is a bit more formal. Priya decides to get ready as well, and they playfully argue about using the washroom. Ram admits that Priya has a special charm that everyone likes.

Meanwhile, everyone gathers for dinner, and Shreya mentions that the soup will be served soon. Shalini expresses her reluctance to drink the soup, but the maid brings Rajma for her instead. Avinash encourages her to have the Rajma, stating that it is healthy. Reluctantly, Shalini drinks the soup, and everyone observes her. Shreya proposes the idea of Priya opening a clinic near their house since she is Ram Kapoor’s wife. Shalini approves of the idea, and Shreya suggests that they attribute the idea to Shalini instead of herself.

Ram and Priya arrive at the dinner table, and Shalini expects Ram to take her side regarding the soup. However, Ram jokes about the situation and praises the delicious Manchurian gravy. Priya questions Ram about healthy eating habits, but he believes that one should enjoy life occasionally. They engage in a lighthearted conversation, and Priya mentions that she has taken two plates—one for herself and one for Shalini. Priya assures everyone that she will take care of their food and dietary preferences. Mitali and Shivani express concern about Priya managing everything, but Priya takes responsibility for ensuring Shalini’s well-being and promises to handle it.

Later, Priya looks at pictures of her family and feels nostalgic. She receives a call from her family, and they discuss various matters. However, when they mention Priya’s return after three months, Ram intervenes and tries to divert the conversation. This leads to confusion and concern for Priya’s family, who question her about the three-month timeframe. Priya becomes worried and requests privacy to talk to her family. Ram tries to alleviate the situation by joking about Priya’s shopping and savings, and the call ends. Priya feels uneasy about the misunderstanding and the unspoken truth. Meanwhile, Shalini contacts her doctor and discusses her dilemma. The doctor advises her to tell Ram the truth about her condition, despite her fear and lack of courage. Shalini expresses her doubts and reveals her concern about Ram’s reaction. However, the doctor encourages her not to give up and emphasizes that Ram deserves to know the truth.

At the clinic, Priya is shocked to learn that the Packers have arrived and that her clinic is being relocated to a new place. She confronts her assistant, who explains that Ram’s office instructed them to shift the clinic. Shreya appears and reveals that Ram has arranged a new clinic for Priya in a posh locality. Priya firmly declares that they are not going anywhere and instructs the packers to stop their work. Shreya, with an evil smile, vows to make sure that Ram’s marriage breaks down.


Priya and Ram engage in an argument. Ram insists that he does care for her, which is why he took certain actions.

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