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Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Akshay expressing to Prachi that if he hadn’t loved the girl and she had called him bad, he would have felt hurt. Prachi responds by stating that he has labeled the flaw as something beautiful. Akshay explains that one-sided love is always beautiful, and he feels fortunate to be able to see Prachi. He adds that in two-sided love, both individuals have expectations, and when those expectations are shattered, it leads to pain. On the other hand, in one-sided love, there is no insult, and when the person you love smiles, it brightens your day.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir and admits that both types of love can cause a lot of pain. Akshay thanks Prachi for not loving him in a two-sided way and appreciates her for loving him the way she wants (as a friend). He acknowledges that she cares for him, and if she cares even more, it would be a bonus. He concludes by saying that if someone gave him the opportunity to change something in his married life, he wouldn’t want to change anything because he considers himself lucky to have Prachi by his side.

Mihika tells Ranbir that she feels lucky to have found him, and he is truly a good person, but she cannot perform the rituals with him. Similarly, Prachi tells Akshay that they cannot perform the rituals together and expresses her disinterest in playing with the puja. Akshay suggests doing something that gives the impression that they have performed the puja. Ranbir agrees with the idea and decides to plan something to make everyone believe that they have indeed done the puja.

Everyone gathers in the hall, and Ranbir takes the dhol (drum) from the dhol player and starts playing it. Akshay also takes a dhol and joins in. The crowd applauds their performance. The ladies sing and dance to the song “Bhangra Ta Sajda.” Mihika, Divya, Neha, and others showcase their dance moves. Mihika approaches Ranbir, and he holds her hand. Prachi observes their interaction. Akshay joins the dance as well. Ranbir, Abhay, and others also dance along. The festivities continue with more people joining in the dancing.

Vishaka takes Akshay away from the crowd. Ranbir and Prachi lock eyes while dancing. Mihika notices Prachi looking at Ranbir, and he extends his hand towards her. Just as Prachi is about to reach for his hand, Mihika grabs it and starts dancing with him. Akshay approaches Prachi. Pandit ji instructs everyone to move towards the swing. Prachi volunteers to bring the flower basket. Mihika seizes the opportunity to ask Prachi a question. Prachi encourages her to ask directly. Mihika asks if she likes Ranbir, and she insists on an honest answer. Prachi recalls seeing Ranbir with Mihika and claims that she doesn’t like him. Mihika clarifies that she thought Prachi liked Ranbir for her sake. Ranbir overhears their conversation.

Mihika clarifies her thoughts, saying she thought Prachi liked Ranbir for her. Prachi confirms that she does like Ranbir for Mihika’s sake, praising his qualities and describing him as brave and good-hearted. She goes on to compliment his expressive nature, mentioning that he fights for his love and ensures his loved one’s eyes remain free of tears. Mihika starts developing feelings for Ranbir and reminisces about their moments together. Ranbir smiles upon hearing Prachi’s words. Prachi concludes by saying that Ranbir’s smile is special as it symbolizes an unbreakable bond of love and a connection between the heart and emotions. She turns around and sees Ranbir standing there.

Ashok tells Akshay that despite performing these rituals for years, they have been ineffective. Akshay inquires about it, and Ashok confesses that although he and Akshay’s mother performed the rituals well, their married life was not good. He advises Akshay not to feel bad if their ritual doesn’t go as planned. Manpreet assures Ashok that their rituals were performed correctly, and that’s why she is there. Vishaka remarks that Ashok doesn’t want to listen to her, which is why he brought Manpreet back. Divya asks about what happened between Mama (uncle) and Mami (aunt). Vishaka suggests leaving it in the past, stating that it’s better not to know. Akshay urges them to forget the past and join the celebration.

Ranbir contemplates Prachi’s words and questions why, if he possesses such good qualities and expresses his feelings openly, she left him. In the next scene, Vishaka asks Ranbir to reveal the name of the girl who was in his life before Mihika. Prachi approaches Ranbir and asks what he was saying just now.


Vishaka asks Ranbir about the name of the girl who was previously in his life. Prachi inquires about what he was discussing earlier.

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