Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Harleen and Monisha’s Escapades

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, Harleen thinks she is too strict with Monisha and scolds her. When she arrives at the room, she finds them missing. She wonders if they are going to trouble RV. She calls Monisha. Monisha says she must have told them not to trouble RV. Deepika picks up the phone. Harleen asks where they are.

Harleen asks Deepika if they’re coming out for ice cream. In her madness, Deepika cautions her not to promote Monisha. Deepika pretends not to hear and ends the call. A puncture happened in the car, so Monisha asked the driver to drive fast. The driver stops and says the car has a puncture. Monisha asks him to change the tire, but the driver says he has no spare tire.

The driver asks them to run. They run. Monisha asks him to return her money, or she will call the Police. He refuses and takes out the knife to scare them. Deepika says she fears Mummy Ji and suggests Monisha go to the resort. She says she will return home and handle Harleen (Harleen), and Monisha asks her to call her.

He calls Poorvi while she is asleep. Poorvi is covered with a blanket. RV feels cold and covers himself as well. They sleep with their heads on each other. A few hours later, they wake up. RV says Dadi wanted to speak with you. Poorvi refuses to go with him.

RV says Dadi will call again and that you might remember that elderly people feel bad for a long time. Poorvi says I will come with you for Dadi’s sake. She says I’ll tell Dadi you threw me out of the room and called me a scared cat, but you’re a scared cat yourself because of your parents.

When Dadi and Dadi call Poorvi, Dadi asks if she is enjoying herself. Poorvi replies that he is taking good care of her and says she is enjoying herself. RV wonders why she is lying. He says he doesn’t like it, and she won’t let him sleep. She smiles. RV asks Poorvi if she should tell Dadu what he did. Dadu asks her to tell him. Dadi says that it’s a husband and wife’s knok jhok. She asks Poorvi if she wears the dress her husband keeps.

You kept it, Poorvi says. RV asks why and says it needs class and personality. Dadi says she is my daughter and the Malhotra family bahu. She tells Poorvi that Dadu didn’t take her on her honeymoon but took her to the temple with all the family members. She asks Poorvi to wear the dress, or she won’t sleep. Poorvi does.

The receptionist tells Monisha that Poorvi Malhotra’s room has been upgraded to Owner’s Suite. Monisha says she wants that room and offers to play double and triple. The receptionist apologizes and leaves. Monisha checks in the laptop and finds out about Poorvi’s room. Poorvi is wearing nightwear. Dadi says she looks beautiful and asks RV to fill Sindoor in her maang. RV asks what she means.

Dadi says she is asking him what he shall do. RV fills Poorvi’s maang with Sindoor. The Kumkum Bhagya song plays……Dadi gets happy and blesses them. She asks them to dance. RV says it is enough now. Dadu says you replied to Dadi again. RV says ok, I’ll dance. He plays the song and dances with Poorvi. Monisha hears the music coming from the room as she approaches the room. She worries about RV and Poorvi…

Poorvi comes out of the room. Monisha sees her in the dress and gets concerned. Dadu says the kids felt shy and asks Dadi to feel shy, too.


In her conversation with Deepika, Monisha tells her that she bribed the waiter to mix something in Poorvi’s drink and will be with RV in the room. The poor woman overhears her. Tashu tells Poorvi that sometimes she has to do the wife’s duties and is bandaging her husband’s hand. Ranbir appears as her husband.

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