Shiv Shakti (Zee) 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Marriage Proposal Plans and Emotional Turmoil

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv will agree to marry Shakti, Nandu tells Dadi. Mandira agrees. He loves her very much. Raghunath says we’ll talk to Shiv before the proposal. Dadi says we’ll talk to him tomorrow. Gayatri is happy to hear that. Mandira is stressed and thinks if they speak to Shiv, he won’t agree. He is still in love with Shakti even though he doesn’t know he does.

Shiv is upset with Shakti for skipping her class. He explains that it’s difficult for him when he can’t treat his patients and hopes she can learn to make others feel better. He wants her to succeed where he couldn’t, but that requires effort. Skipping class wouldn’t help her achieve her goals. As he sits, he remembers moments with Shakti and sadly gazes at his lab coat. Wearing it, he looks in the mirror and recalls a past incident where he couldn’t save a mother’s life. Fighting back tears, he removes the coat and sees Shakti calling but chooses not to answer.

He is angry at Shiv, but I cannot tell him that his biggest enemy is his chachi. Shiv and I are partners, so I must protect him until I obtain proof against Mandira. She prays to Mata to show her how to calm him down. She recalls Manorama’s words that her dream is his dream. Shakti asks what I should do about Keertan and Rimjhim.

Shiv should be told that we will accept Shakti’s proposal on Diwali. Mandira says yes. Dadi leaves. Mandira says I will control Shakti’s life now. I will bring love and marriage into her life, but then I will take everything away.

Everyone in the family is ready for the ubtan that Manorama prepares. She applies it to Shakti and says every ritual has a meaning. She applies it to Rimjhim, saying pampering oneself is the best way to welcome a new season after Diwali. She also applies it to Chacha and Dharam. Rimjhim tells Shakti she’s going to tell them about Keertan. When Manorama asks what’s happening, Rimjhim says he loves Keertan and me too. We want to get married. What? Dharam says that loser.

He says don’t call him that. Manorama tells Rimjhim that he doesn’t love her. He insulted her so much. Did you forget? Rimjhim says it was a misunderstanding. He loves me and wants to marry me. Chacha says they are rich people. Why would they choose you? Rimjhim says it’s because of love. Manorama asks Shakti if she knows about this. She says yes. Manorama says he doesn’t mind the relationship, but I have a condition. We won’t go there. They have to come here with a proposal.

Rimjhim says they are rich people. Manorama says so what? If they like you, they should come. We can tell them to honor you. I won’t make the same mistake. I won’t marry you to someone I won’t trust. She tells Shakti to go to Shiv’s, as Dadi calls her, to obtain. In a smile, Shakti thinks she can talk to Shiv there.

Mandira says Shiv won’t agree to this marriage. He wants to protect Shakti and knows he is dangerous for her. So what should I do? They have to propose without asking Shiv. Shakti arrives at their house. I hope Keertan doesn’t see this girl. Mandira says she is troublesome.

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