Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th October 2023 Written Episode: Panic Ensues as Shiv Screams for Help | Written Update

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Amidst the chaotic scene, Shiv’s screams and panic echo through the air. Shakti frantically calls out for Shiv’s location while Mandira reflects on the paralyzing effect of phobias. The overwhelming fear has consumed Shiv’s body, leaving him helpless. Ranjan poses a question about Shiv’s lizard phobia, to which Mandira cryptically responds that it holds a more profound significance. As Shakti continues to search for Shiv, Mandira pleads with Ranjan, who seems oddly unconcerned until Shiv’s body is found. Fueled by a mix of fear and determination, Mandira vows to hold him accountable. However, he dismisses her threat with a cold grip on her hand and ominous words. The sound of Shiv’s panicked cries weighs heavily on Padma’s mind as she joins in the search with Shakti, who also notices Ranjan and Mandira are missing from the turmoil unfolding before them. The commotion only seems to escalate further.

Ranjan insists, “I won’t leave you.” Mandira reacts strongly, exclaiming, “How dare you!” She goes to hit him, but he stops her and confidently asserts, “You haven’t seen how daring I can be.” Mandira pleads for him to let go of her. Shakti appears and is taken aback by the scene before her. She demands an explanation, asking, “What’s going on here?” In the meantime, Padma calls out for Shiv in a worried tone. He responds in a panic-stricken voice that a crocodile is after him. Shakti then queries Ranjan about why he has her phone. He replies innocently that she had forgotten it and he was keeping it safe. Suspicious of their behavior, Shakti questions why Ranjan is holding onto Mandira’s hand. She also expresses concern for Shiv’s whereabouts. Ranjan dismisses her concerns, suggesting that Shiv is probably getting into fights as usual. Angered by their nonchalance towards Shiv’s safety, Shakti warns them that if anything happens to him, she will take back the land she had promised to give them.

Dadi and the rest of the group join in on the dancing. As they enjoy themselves, Dadi turns to Koyal and invites her to dance. Koyal happily agrees and joins in. The atmosphere is full of joy and happiness. Suddenly, Shakti realizes that Shiv is missing. He decides to call everyone over to help find him. Ranjan suggests that he go ahead with his plan while she stays behind to see if anyone can hear them. Shakti heads off, but not before Ranjan grabs her hand momentarily.

Meanwhile, Shiv’s life is in danger as his hand inches closer to the electrified water. Rimjhim notices Keertan nearby and decides to console him. She reminds him of his missed opportunity with her and how he let it slip away by insulting her. Regret washes over Keertan as he remembers his hurtful words towards her earlier. Feeling dejected, he walks away from the situation. On the other side of the room, Dharam catches Koyal’s eye with his impressive dancing skills. She compliments him on his moves and even joins him for a dance. Unfortunately, Dharam loses his balance at one point and ends

Shiva screams for help. She tells Shiv to leave my hand. He is fainting. Raghunath comes to Bhagwati and says he was reminded of him when he saw Mehndi on her hand. You always dressed up for him. He told you how beautiful you were. She cries. He says then suddenly, you stopped dressing up after his death. She says Shakti is so brave. She made me realize I am also a woman. A woman should live for herself as well.

Raghunath says I’m responsible for this. She says you were also occupied with work and responsibilities. Shakti will fix everything when she comes to our house. It’s all going to be fine. Raghunath says you should consult a pandit ji. She says I will. They wonder where Shiv is.

Shiv calls Shakti’s name in panic. She screams for help. Ranjan laughs. Mandira hits Ranjan on the hand. He falls. Mandira says Shiv is locked in a storeroom. She runs there and saves him. Shiv cries out. Mandira says to save him. She slaps Ranjan. Mandira says you’re disgusting. You challenged me, and you dared to do that. Now see what I’ll do to you. Shiv screams for help. Shakti runs towards the storeroom. Shiv’s hand is about to touch the water. Shakti arrives at the storeroom.

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