Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th January 2024 Written Episode: Sahiba’s Loyalty Questioned Amidst Family Conflict


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Angad is perplexed when Sahiba admits to seeking support from Garry, who has caused great harm to their family. He expresses his disappointment, stating that she always goes against him. Sahiba defends herself and asks Angad not to continue blaming her for her actions. Angad explains that she has gone against him and herself by seeking help from their enemy, who aided in destroying their family. Sahiba maintains that everything she did was in the best interest of their family. However, Angad argues that he would have found a way to save their family without involving someone who had caused them so much pain. He recalls their home being destroyed while Garry stood by laughing and continued to hold Sahiba accountable for her decisions.

Manveer accuses Sahiba of supporting their enemy and going against Angad. Sahiba refutes this, stating that she would never betray Angad. However, Angad points out that Sahiba had supported Garry in going against him. He then mentions how Garry had previously endorsed his father but later realized his mistake and stood against him, just as Sahiba supported a son who loved his mother. Despite this, Angad reminds Sahiba of Garry’s sending Akaal to jail and betraying his wife Seerat, whom he had married. In response, Garry dismisses any concerns about Seerat by mentioning that they are now divorced. The shocking revelation leaves everyone stunned.

Jasleen inquires if Seerat has seen Garry at the hotel where they both stayed, but Seerat remains silent. Manveer accuses both sisters of being untruthful, while Seerat explains that she met Garry a while back, and he had threatened to divorce her. Sahiba believes Garry is genuinely remorseful for his actions and should be forgiven from the heart. Angad then asks Santosh and Seerat if they are willing to forgive Garry. Santosh condemns Garry for causing a separation between Seerat and Angad, while Seerat blames Sahiba for not disclosing her true intentions of seeking help from Garry to their family. Jasleen once again questions why Sahiba kept this information a secret from their family. However, Seerat clarifies that she did inform their family about Garry’s threats.

Garry takes responsibility for his mistake and asks the others to stop pointing fingers. Seerat worries that Garry might confess to her involvement in obtaining the secret file from Angad’s locker. The drama persists as Sahiba attempts to persuade the Brars to forgive Garry, but Manveer scolds her. Jasleen points out that everyone blames Garry without acknowledging his change of heart, so they’re all back in their house. Akaal reminds them that one good deed cannot erase all of Garry’s wrongdoings. Angad protests that he will leave if Garry remains in the house. The family drama continues…


He stops Angad and says she is his wife. Angad says she didn’t follow a wife’s duty; she supported her husband’s enemies and betrayed him, and he won’t forget her betrayal. Sahiba says he’s mistaking him. Angad stops her from entering his room and says he can’t bear her face after what she did.

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