Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th Jan 2023 written episode update


Angad falls into Seerat’s trap in Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th January 2023

Angad trying to defuse the tension enquires with Seerat if she is alright. When she affirms, Santosh tells Sahiba to exit from the premises and he furthermore inspects if Seerat was harmed in any way. Seerat cautions that the media would take advantage of the situation if it escalates; and urges her to leave, says whoever she is. Gurleen reminds Sahiba that despite assisting them earlier in the day, it will be better for her if she departs quietly instead of making a scene. Veer disagrees that this whole drama is not caused by her. Kiara then orders security to guide Sahiba out, who’s hurting by her mother and sister’s demeanour. Seerat then challenges Santosh who reprimands her at once.

Seerat acts as having a sprained ankle. Angad holds her and asks the servant to bring him an ice pack. Seerat appears unable to walk. Angad lifts her and walks into his room, looking directly into her eyes, shocking the whole family. Garry asks Kiara who that girl is. Kiara doesn’t know. Jasleen says there is something special about that girl, she’s never seen him take such an interest in a girl before.

Sahiba strolled down the street, thinking of her sister and mother who had rejected and shamed her. Keerat stepped up to console her, imploring Sahiba to exhibit strength in the face of adversity. Sahiba eventually calmed down and took Keerat out for golgappa. Eventually, they reached Angad’s room where he made Seerat sit on his bed; a servant later brought an ice pack which was applied to Seerat’s ankle. However, she feigned discomfort, upon which Angad proceeded to apply it himself. Unexpectedly, Santosh barged in and recorded them on video, whereupon Angad mentioned that he had called a doctor to check on her injury. But Seerat replied with gratitude as she felt secure with Angad holding her hand and taking care of her; she carried on trying to trap him with subtle moves.

Keerat returned to the Brar household and encountered Veer, who stumbled after she had warned him not to flirt with her. She queried if he had seen Sahiba, informing him that she had already left. Upon hearing this, Veer berated himself for being responsible for the humiliation that Sahiba had gone through. Keerat inwardly acknowledged her longing to punish Angad for his insolence. He complimented Seerat’s performance before admonishingly saying it would have been better if ‘that girl’ hadn’t interfered. Seerat immediately rebuked him, advising him not to speak of her and ruin the atmosphere. At this point, Angad received a call and walked aside whilst Santosh silently gestured for Seerat to carry on with her playacting.

In response to Kiara’s question, Serat says she is fine. Kiara says her dress is beautiful; where did she get it? She says Sahib Bal, who is a famous designer. She asks who was with her during the party. Seerat says her bodyguard. Kiara tells her to take care and leaves. When Barfreer and Jasleen notice Santosh peeping into Angad’s room, they inquire as to who she is and why she is watching her son.

Seerat hides her earring under Angad’s pillow. Angad notices it and thinks that girl is special. Taiji asks Seerat where she lost her earring. Sahiba says she will go and check it all the way until Brar mansion. Santosh tells her to let Seerat look for it on her own. Seeing that Seerat left her mobile at home, Sahiba goes behind her.

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