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In the market, Meet turns around to follow Anuja. In the hospital, Anuja asks her doctor why she called a private clinic for an operation. The doctor says that this clinic has advanced equipment that will be helpful. Anuja thinks to herself, Meet saw me entering the ambulance, I wish she didn’t tell anyone. Another doctor says you have to sign a few papers for formalities and after that, we can begin.

A doctor says this cheer is for our 7 Lakh. Another says to speak quietly if she hears us she will find out about our plan and run away. The doctor walks up to Anuja and says our OT is ready, you can change your clothes, the doctor will be there shortly. Meet on her bike and says this is Sarkarpur’s border, from here I’m free.

Anuja enters the operation room and finds an alcohol glass. She finds someone hiding behind the curtains. When she removes the separator, she sees a man drinking. She gets scared and asks who you are and why you’re here. He says I’m your lover tonight. Anuja tries to flee, but another man comes her way. In the room, everyone tries to get close to her. Anuja says I’m from Sarkar’s family and if they find out about this, they’ll kill you all. Anuja tries to escape, but they catch her and get close to her. The doctor asks what will you tell them when they discover you were here for an exchange operation. After knowing this, they will kill you.

As Sundari smiles in her room, she says Anuja’s operation must have started and she will soon become a boy, and my attitude will change for everyone when she does. There will be no one asking you if you are a boy or girl in Mumbai and you will hear a lot there. Another doctor says let’s give her an injection so that she will become unconscious. We have to check Sapna’s room now, Jasodha calls Badri and asks him to check Sapna’s room. Sapna gets scared that if he finds money, everyone will question us a lot and everyone will know I’m pregnant.

Sapna falls down. Everyone helps her to get up. Manmeet asks Shagun to get water and asks Narendra to take her to her room. Jasodha and Narendra take Sapna to her room. Getting out of the room, Anuja starts running from the men, but they catch her in the corridor. A helmet is hit from behind by Meet. Everyone leaves Anuja. She runs to Mett and embraces her, saying she needs to be saved because they’re trying to harm her. Meet asks why she came with them.

A man says go away or else we will play a game with you too. Meet says that’s good, I’ll play a game with you too. She throws things at them, temporarily blinding them with a spray. Anuja also helps her. One of the men pushes Meet, and she falls into a deep freezer, which is locked down to keep her safe. Anuja shouts please help me Meet. Meet in the fridge says I need to get out and save Anuja. Meet says I have to get out and save her.

Her time with Meet Ahlawat was during which he explained to her how people feel temperature and told her I had to leave to save Anuja. As soon as the electricity is out, the fridge will unplug itself, so she starts shaking it and it gets unplugged. After getting out of the fridge, Meet fights back. She injects everyone with injections. Meet says let’s go. Anuja says wait, let me take my money.

Jasodha asks a servant to check Sapna’s room. Badri walks back and says I have not found anything in Meghna’s room. Manmeet says let’s stop this search, everyone must be feeling bad because of this, it’s only about 2 lakh rupees. Sarkar says stealing is wrong. Sundari walks to Jasodha and says tae is telling Sapna is pregnant. Jasodha says we should at least know why they require so much money.

As Manmeet gets excited, he tells Badri to stop looking. Narendra hugs Manmeet and congrats Sapna, asking her mother to bless her. Jasodha says you will get blessings after knowing whether you have a boy or a girl. We will celebrate if it’s a boy and there will be no celebration if it’s a girl. Sarkar and Jasodha walk away.

Manmeet is glad to hear Sapna is pregnant, I was dying to hear something good and now you did it, he congratulates both of them and says to Sapna, if you need anything, let me know.

Together, Meet and Anuja drink water and ask what happened. She shows her reports. Meet reads the documents and says they are gender exchange papers signed by Sundari Chachi and asks why you want to be a boy. According to Anuja, being a girl is a curse in Sarkarpur.


Meet and Manmeet are in an arena. Manmeet says you will pay for your mistakes Meet. Meet and Manmeet start wrestling. Manmeet throws Meet in the air. Manmeet says you are a woman, so stay within your bounds.

If you have strength, then come, Meet says. Manmeet throws her again and says, “I’ll bury you and your dreams.” Meet gets up again and says, “I won’t fail. If you have strength, then come.”.

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