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From above, a garland falls upon Manmeet and Meet. Jasodha recollects Guruji’s words, reminding her that she will not be separated from him anytime soon. Manmeet lifts Meet and carries her indoors. He requests Jasodha to fetch cold water and bandages. Jasodha remembers Guruji’s assurance that no one could separate the couple who received the garland, even after everything they had been through.

Anuja gives water and a bandage to Manmeet, he begins treating her to reduce her temperature. Jasodha asks Anuja to get things for Meet’s treatment. Shagun sees Manmeet helping Meet and closes the door from outside. Regardless of why Manmeet brought Meet back, Meghna told Sundari that Meet is his wife. Sundari listened to Meghna’s words.

Sapna says I’m happy that Meet is back but Manmeet promised Shagun he would send her back to her home, but he brought her back instead. Shagun is standing outside when Manmeet checks her temperature on the thermometer.

After asking Anuja to take care of Meet, Manmeet walks to Shagun and says that Meet is so ill and unconscious that I cannot leave her to die. I used to think that Shagun was bad, but now I see you like her, tell me why you brought her back. Manmeet recalls Raj’s promise. You love me, but why do you always have her with you?

Everyone in this house wants to know the answer, says Jasodha standing behind them. Manmeet says I want to make things clear, I love Shagun, but I’m stuck in a situation, that’s why I brought her back. Shagun asks you, did you get close to Meet? She is pregnant, which is why you can’t throw her out.

I don’t know how you will support me lifelong if you doubt my character. Manmeet becomes angry and exclaims, “Are you out of your mind?” Don’t say anything or I’ll forget that I love you.” A woman’s job is to trust her husband, not to doubt him. Answer my question. You trust me, answer me. Shagun does not respond.

I don’t want to answer this if it is your silence that gave me an answer. Shagun walks away. Manmeet says he’s telling Jasodha the truth, I like Shagun, but I’m bound by a promise, once I’m free you’ll understand. Jasodha says she knows when you lie and when you tell the truth, but she’s ready to answer Bapu Sarkar. He hugs her and leaves.

While unconscious, Manmeet takes Shagun’s name. Upon hearing it, Shagun utters, “I curse her.” She will die taking your name and you won’t go reach her. As he walks towards Meet, Manmeet says shut your mouth. This is the first time I feel like I don’t know you. She is not well and you are praying for her death before I do something to you. You should walk away and he walks to Meet. Meet repeats Manmeet’s name over and over. Anuja tells Manmeet to stay with her until she recovers.

Gunwanti scolds Shagun for her behaviour and says men don’t like women who go against them, so why don’t you understand she is trying to defame you in front of Manmeet, and you are supporting her by being angry? In order to defeat Meet, you have to show trust so he does not feel like he is greater than you.

Meet is being cared for by Manmeet and Anuja. Manmeet checks Meeting’s temperature and looks after her comfort. Anuja asks Manmeet where you have been all night. Manmeet suggests disregarding Meet’s temperature and instead focusing on administering her medicine and taking care of her.

As everyone gathers in the common area, Jasodha asks them to choose their bangles for the festival tomorrow. Manmeet stayed up all night yesterday looking after Meet, and I think he won’t let her go if she is well. Meghna agrees with her. Meet walks toward them and hears everything.

Sundari says that’s okay, but I’m worried about Sarkar; I don’t know what he will do with him. Sundari says I think that Manmeet has also started liking Meet. Jasodha sees Meet and remembers what Manmeet said to her. Jasodha calls Narendra and asks him to choose bangles for his wife and explain why the festival is important. As soon as your exam starts today, Gunwanti says that no matter what people say, you won’t get angry. The servant walks over to Shagun and says that the papads that you had dried all flew away.

He walks to Shagun outside and asks her to sit, telling her he brought the bangles, especially for her from Udaipur. She hesitates. Manmeet takes her hand and tries the bangles. She apologizes for yesterday and says she trusts you a lot. Manmeet states, “I informed you due to a promise I made…”

I trust you and I love you, so I don’t need any explanations from you. Manmeet says I know you waited for me, so please give me some time. When Meet goes far away from everyone then everyone will talk about our marriage.

It will happen as you wish, Shagun says. I’m always standing by you. She remembers Gunwanti’s words. You can keep Meet here if you want, I won’t question you, I just want your love and trust and I will always love you, my promise to you. Go get ready, then I’ll take you to market, says Manmeet.

Shagun walks away. Sapna walks to Manmeet and asks, “Please can you get my parcel from the post office? Don’t forget that my parents sent it for me and failing to get it will be disrespectful.” Manmeet says, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it.”.

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