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Bhim confides in Amma and Bindiya, expressing his dissatisfaction with Phoolwati’s behaviour but admitting his inability to confront her. In the morning, Bindiya informs Dadi that she intends to go to school and promises to bring Payal back. Bhim chimes in, expressing his own desire for Payal’s return as well.

In a sign, Bhim informs Phoolwati that his Chacha has died. Phoolwati asks him to leave and then says she will also come along with him. Bhim says he will make an excuse and asks who will care for Amma. Phoolwati tells Bhim to leave, adding that his relatives are useless. Bhim departs, and as he does, Phoolwati notices his handkerchief and steps outside.

Through a gesture, Bhim conveys to Phoolwati that his uncle has passed away. Phoolwati instructs him to leave, but then unexpectedly declares her intention to accompany him. Bhim expresses concern about who will take care of Amma in their absence. Phoolwati dismissively remarks that he should go, emphasizing the perceived uselessness of his relatives. Bhim departs, and Phoolwati notices his handkerchief left behind, prompting her to step outside.

Bindiya and Bhim are on their way when they are spotted by Masterji. Concerned, Masterji questions Bindiya about their destination. Inside the mini auto that transports passengers to Belapur, Bindiya reveals her intention to retrieve Payal from Tulsipur. Masterji grows more worried. Bindiya inquires about the estimated time to reach Tulsipur, and Bhim informs her that they have arrived. They disembark together.

Upon waking up, Payal finds herself in a house. Madan informs her that it is his residence. Overjoyed, she embraces him and pleads for him to take her to the big house. Madan explains that the house is currently undergoing renovations. He urges her to return home, assuring her that everyone is worried about her. However, Payal expresses her reluctance to go back there. Madan suggests that she call and inform her family of her decision not to return. Agreeing, Payal says okay and departs.

Phoolwati demands the buyer display the money. He opens a briefcase filled with cash, and she begins counting the money. Meanwhile, Bhim continues to deceive and distract Bindiya, assuring her that he will take her to her mother’s house. Just then, Master Ji arrives and explains that he came to visit Amma. Phoolwati questions his presence and insists that he leave.

Madan departs from the scene, and the man requests Phoolwati to obtain Amma’s signature since Amma is illiterate. Phoolwati agrees to sign on Amma’s behalf, given her illiteracy. The man then suggests taking Amma’s thumb impression instead.

Meanwhile, Payal is given milk by Rekhan. Displeased with its lack of cream, Payal spits it out. In response, Rekhan raises her hand to slap Payal, but Madan intervenes and signals her not to. They trick Payal into consuming the milk. Phoolwati urges Amma to place her thumb impression on some documents. Amma questions why and what the papers contain. Phoolwati proceeds to read out a fabricated letter supposedly written by Amma, advising the Minister against constructing a road through her farm. Amma becomes worried.

Bhim receives a phone call from Phoolwati and instructs Bindiya to fetch some water. Bindiya, feeling tired from their long walk, inquires about their arrival time. Approaching a shop, Bindiya requests water from the shopkeeper and proceeds to ask about the location of Tulsipur school, which she believes is three hours away in Tulsipur. Confused, the shopkeeper questions why Tulsipur’s school would be situated in Belapur. Bindiya is taken aback by this revelation.


Bhim informs Phoolwati that he believed she had managed to sell the land when she made the call, but she couldn’t even obtain the thumb impression. Phoolwati proceeds to take Amma’s thumb impression on the papers and smiles triumphantly. Bindiya overhears their conversation and quickly rushes away. Bhim tries to catch up to her, grabbing her hand, but Bindiya pushes him away and continues running.

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