Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in.

As the episode opens, Ranbir tells Prachi that what matters most is that he’s with her right now. Prachi smiles. The song plays…tum meri jaan bangaye….Prachi says, “I knew you’d come.” Ranbir says, “I knew you’d wait for me.” Prachi hugs Ranbir. He kisses Prachi on the forehead. He asks why you do drama when you know I love you and cannot imagine you with someone else.

Prachi says, I know how much you love me, but I want to hear it from your mouth. She sits and sees Ranbir is not there. Akshay is standing at the door and asks what happened.

Prachi says, Ranbir. Ranbir keeps his feet down and feels current. He thinks about who are these goons, and he thinks for now he needs to leave here and stop Prachi’s marriage. He carefully lays his sherwani on the fabric and arranges the flowers on top. As he does so, he senses an electric charge and silently urges himself to endure it.

Akshay says Prachi saw Ranbir. Akshay says even I saw him. He says Ranbir is not here, and we both have gone insane. He says he would have felt better if Ranbir had attended our wedding. After meeting my family, he says he understands how you feel.

The equation between Bua and Mom is different, and he says he has a normal family, but they don’t mingle. He says his Dad always supports Bua because my Mom left home when he was a kid. He says his Bua has raised him and that’s why everyone respects her.

He says I will always support you, and asks her not to bear anyone silently, but to be quiet for a while, and that I will always be with her to listen to you. Prachi imagines Ranbir there. Akshay mentions that he has a sister named Nethra and explains that they have invited their mother to his wedding. However, he expresses uncertainty about whether she will stay for the event. Prachi leaves. Akshay thinks I’m talking to myself.

If Prachi refuses to marry Akshay, Ranbir says we will marry in the same mandap again. Prachi asks really? Ranbir says I promise. Prachi turns and sees Ranbir not there. She asks if Ranbir had come here. Prachi says he asked me to. Shahana says you are imagining it. She cries. Shahana pacifies her. Akshay arrives and asks why they came out. Shahana tells him Prachi wanted fresh air.

Aaliya calls the goon. Aaliya asks if Ranbir is with them. The goon says Ranbir is unconscious and is with us. Aaliya asks where they are. The goon says they came out for food. Aaliya tells them to return to the van. Aaliya asks the goon to make a video call and show Ranbir the arrangements. The thug initiates a video call with Aaliya, presenting her with a view of the arrangements. Ranbir isn’t in the van, so Aaliya scolds the goons and asks them to return to the wedding venue.

Ashok comes to Akshay’s house and asks him to be happy. Akshay says he’s happy, but Prachi isn’t happy. Ashok says Prachi is getting married to Khushi. Although Akshay says we don’t know anything about her, seeing her condition made him feel that she still misses and loves her ex.

Akshay says you are not understanding me. Ashok says she must be nervous about marriage and tells him to feel great. He says Prachi must be afraid of getting remarried again.

Prachi is taken to her room by Shana and he asks her to make her own decisions in life. She apologizes to her for going to Ranbir’s house and says he didn’t come here. She says I always felt that you two were made for each other, but it was my misunderstanding. She cries.

Shahana holds herself responsible for continuously envisioning Ranbir’s presence. Meanwhile, Ranbir arrives at Prachi’s house. Aaliya, holding a paperweight, is on the verge of striking him when Akshay’s cousins arrive and place a wager on whether Nethra will attend or not.

Curiosity piques Aaliya, leading her to tail Ranbir. Suspicion arises among the others regarding Aaliya’s intentions. Shahana implores Prachi to join the wedding altar promptly to avoid any further hallucinations of Ranbir. Acting upon Shahana’s plea, Prachi emerges from her room, and as Ranbir calls out to her, she turns around, locking her gaze on him.


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