Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd May 2023 on

During the episode, Inspector arrests Sasha. Surilii and Pammi attempt to stop them. Bandish updates Shiv on the business. Samar has met Raghu and wants to continue working with him.

Shivendra says yes. Samar is with Raghu. He says I wanted to meet Shiv, but I couldn’t. He says I am glad I met you. Raghu says no, he is the best. Samar says fantastic, Shivendra does all the deals, it’s Ranakgarh’s project, and no one has more information about this project than you, you will have to take over someday, elders pass on their legacy to the younger generation, our meeting is just a coincidence.

It will only be 2 days before I meet Damayanti face-to-face. He says Raghu is the weakest link in the Barot family. Suriilii defends Sasha. Inspector says we can’t leave her. She says leave my sister. He says the attacker is a big man, the Barot family’s eldest prince. Shiv calls Bandish for help, but she doesn’t take him. Inspector asks Sasha about Monty. She says she doesn’t know anything about him. He scolds her.

Maasi calls Surilii and asks about Sasha. Surilii says I’m here, don’t worry. Maasi sees Diya and rushes to her. She asks are you fine, what happened. Surilii asks Kadam to help. As well as Shinde, Surilii messages Shivendra that she has some urgent work to do. He says I can’t do anything and cannot leave Sasha.

Suddenly, Inspector Shinde gets a call. He asks Kadam to leave Sasha. Surilii thanks him. She hugs Sasha. Shinde asks her not to fly high. He says Shivendra has given the guarantee. She asks how he knows.

After asking Sasha to sign and leave, Surilii calls Shivendra and asks him how he knows. He says you didn’t tell me, so what’s the point of talking when you can’t share anything, I wanted to stand by you. She sends him an audio message. Maan asks Shivendra if he should come in. Shivendra asks Maan to come in.

Shivendra says I’ll recover shortly. Maan says he was scared seeing you in the hospital. Maan says Surilii worries a lot about you, she came to the hospital to ask about you. Swati is upset. Madhu wonders what happened.

Swati says please leave me alone. She gets a call from Rani Maa. Rani Maa asks are you fine, you didn’t meet me and left. Swati says what could I do, Shivendra was on a video call with Surilii, you promised he wouldn’t have any relations with that girl, I won’t go there any longer.


Surilii talks with Shivendra. Veera says Sasha was released on Shiv’s promise. He spoke to the police commissioner and gave her a guarantee not to be arrested again without her permission. Rani Maa thinks so.


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