Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th August 2023 Written Episode update on

The Episode begins with Surilii questioning Shiv about the signatures. He admits to signing them but explains that he had no other choice. Surilli scolds him for his actions. She then reminds him that Roshni is also his wife. However, Shiv interrupts her and firmly declares his love for Surilii. He reassures her that she is the only one in his heart and there is no room for anyone else. Shiv reveals that Roshni, who he believes Surilii knows, is suffering from cancer with no one to care for her or admit her to the hospital. This is why he signed as her husband. Mohit enters the scene, looking for Shiv and falls down. Concerned, Shiv rushes to help him and asks if he is okay.

Shiv embraces Mohit, who then asks if the woman is his wife. Shiv confirms with a nod. Mohit expresses admiration for Shiv and informs him that the doctor has taken their mother for treatment. He suggests that Shiv meet their mother when she returns. Shiv tells Mohit to go inside while he stays behind. He clarifies that Mohit is his son, leaving Surilii in shock. She questions him on this revelation, surprised that he has a 7 year old child. Shiv admits that he only recently discovered this truth and urges Surilii to trust him. He acknowledges her doubts and explains that he was afraid of losing her if he shared this information earlier. Surilii is hurt by his lack of trust and love and walks away, overcome with emotions as the song “Saathi re” plays in the background.

After inquiring about the duration of the operation, Roshni expressed her satisfaction with the four-hour estimate from the doctor. She spends the time singing while both the doctor and nurse remain idle. Roshni remarks that Shiv was her target all along and she had been waiting for the opportune moment to act. The nurse admits that she has never sat idle in the operating room before, prompting Roshni to reprimand her. As she looks at Shiv’s picture, Roshni reveals her true intentions, explaining that she orchestrated everything, even his cancer, as part of her plan to claim what is rightfully hers. Now, it is up to the doctor to assist her in proving this scheme.

Raghu greets Swati warmly with a hug as he approaches her. She reminds him of the task at hand – to prevent Shiv from taking over Ranak business. “You promised you would make me wear the crown,” she reminds him. Raghu assures her that he always keeps his promises and it will only be a matter of days until they secure their victory. Just then, Surilii arrives home and is greeted by Pammi. Pammi asks if Surilii has informed Shiv about their plan, expressing her excitement for his reaction. However, Surilii replies that she hasn’t had the chance yet and needs some rest. Later, Sasha engages in conversation with Surilii and encourages her to pick a card. After Surilii selects a card, Sasha predicts that an unexpected event will occur in her life.

Surilii is in deep thought while Roshni urges her to go inform Shiv that she will regain consciousness tomorrow morning. Once the doctor exits the room, he informs them that the operation was successful but Surilii is still in a critical condition and anything can happen. Roshni takes action and in the morning, she reunites with Shiv, Surilii, and Mohit. She reassures them that she is doing well. Shiv praises his wife for her strength and understanding. Surilii recalls how she reached out to Shiv during her time of need and they share an emotional hug. She expresses her thoughts after carefully considering everything, admitting that it was not his fault but feeling upset that he didn’t trust her. He confesses that he trusts her immensely but things got complicated and he feared losing her. The flashback comes to an end.


As Rani Maa fixes fresh flowers, she sees a necklace. Shiv gets Roshni to the palace. Samar wonders who this girl and that child are.

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