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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th July 2023 . Written episode on

Mandira removes Shiv’s coat from Shakti and pushes her aside, expressing disappointment that Shakti will never achieve her dream of becoming a doctor due to her unethical behaviour. Without further discussion, Mandira leaves the room. Upon Shiv’s arrival, he greets Mandira with a smile which surprises her. He proceeds to apologize and express gratitude for her assistance. Shakti interjects with frustration, questioning why Shiv did not fulfill his duty to save the child. As Shiv notices his locket around Shakti’s neck, he attempts to explain but is cut off by her accusation that he failed to prioritize the patient’s wellbeing as a doctor should.

The doctor says that you are very intelligent and you are a good doctor. The doctor gives her stars on the paper. Shakti asks, “Are you crazy? These stars don’t matter when you can’t be a good doctor.” What if that patient had died? Would you be insane? Shiv starts getting flashbacks and is dizzy as his friend drags him away. Shakti watches.

Mandira shares with her family an article where reporters are commending Keertan for saving a boy’s life. Padma expresses her pride, while Keertan’s father calls him their hero. Ragunath congratulates Keertan and credits his mother’s upbringing for shaping him into a remarkable person. The maid, Sundari, brings in some sweets to celebrate the occasion, but Mandira seems displeased with her presence. Ragunath shares his wish for Shiv to be more like Keertan, but Mandira reminds them that Shiv was also a good doctor in the past. As if on cue, Shiv enters and asks about the commotion. Padma shows him the news and he suddenly feels dizzy. He points out that it was actually a girl who saved the boy’s life and suggests giving her credit instead of Keertan.

Chachi reprimands Shakti for the ordeal they had to go through. Chacha commends Shakti for saving the boy’s life. Rimjhim points out that the doctor was a fraud and claims she will expose him on social media. Chachi quickly silences her, reminding everyone that Mandira is Chacha’s superior and they cannot go against her. She declares that medical talk is now off-limits in their household. Shakti watches on wordlessly. Chachi then suggests focusing on Rimjhim and Shakti’s marriage instead and avoiding any conflict with Mandira. She shares that Rimjhim is observing a fast to find a good husband, to which Rimjhim adds that Shakti is also fasting. Excitedly, Chachi pledges to pray for both of them to find suitable partners in marriage.

The girl saved the kid’s life, Shiv tells the family. Mandira says that girl complicated the case, but Keertan saved him. Shiv says that’s not true, I saw her save that kid’s life. Mandira watches. Bagumaa says she has good news. Shiv and his family look on. Bagumaa tells Shiv she has found a girl for him. Everyone is shocked. Bagumaa says it is his friend’s grand-daughter. Mandira is shocked. Shiv is confused. All other family members are pleased to hear that. Baguma and his friend are shocked.

Shiv is attempting to maintain a positive attitude but is continuously trembling. He departs from the scene as others observe. Bagumaa reassures that marriage will cure his shivering. Mandira assures her that she will find a suitable match for Shiv and they just need to inform them about him. Bagumaa adds that her friend is already aware of everything, so there’s no need to fret, and she walks away. Padma warns Mandira that their plan will fail if Bagumaa arranges Shiv’s marriage according to her preference. She nudges her and advises her to concentrate on Shiv’s wedding without concerning herself with the bride.

Sitting with her family, Shakti declines Chachi’s request to break her fast. Chacha reminds her that she hasn’t eaten anything and urges her to have something. However, Chachi suspects that Shakti is only refusing because they won’t be able to admit her into medical school. She warns Shakti that if she continues to refuse, she’ll finish all the food herself. After eating everything, Chachi tells Shakti to stop dreaming about becoming a doctor and focus on preparing for marriage instead. As Chachi leaves, Chacha expresses his concern but Rimjhim assures him that she will order food for Shakti. However, Shakti insists that she’s not hungry so Rimjhim also decides to leave her be.

Shiv is looking at the moon and says everyone behaves like my truth is a dream. On the other hand, Shakti speaks to the moon and says she wants to be married, but first she wants to become someone in life, to support her family. In order for me to fulfill my dreams, I need to find a life partner to share my joy and pain with.

The moon tells Shiv that the girl’s dreams were unfulfilled, and I am unhappy, so how can I make someone happy after marriage? I am incomplete, so my dream is incomplete as well.


As Shakti bumps into Dr. Shiv, he says yes. Mandira tells Shakti you want my signature to get into medical college on scholarship. However, you have to touch my feet first.

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