Shiv Shakti (Zee) 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Manorama and Mandira’s Decision

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

It’s Manorama’s turn to ask Mandira if she made the right decision. Shiv has not said yes to the marriage, so Manorama reminds Mandira not to worry. She tells Manorama that Shiv’s love for Shakti is Shiv’s yes, and she asks Manorama not to worry. Later, Manorama leaves.

Keertan expresses his frustration to Koyal, explaining that Mandira strongly dislikes Shakti and will never allow him to marry her. When Koyal asks why Keertan wants to marry Shakti, he clarifies that his feelings towards her are not based on love but rather an unhealthy obsession. Keertan reminds Koyal of the rejection and slap he received from Shakti and explains that his desire to marry her stems from a need for revenge. Desperately seeking answers, Keertan turns to Koyal to help decipher Mandira’s thoughts but is refused before Koyal leaves. Feeling determined to end the idea of Shiv and Shakti’s marriage, Keertan contemplates his next move.

Shakti inquires if Manorama accompanied Shiv, and he confirms that she is at his house with a proposal for their marriage. According to Manorama, Shakti has feelings for Shiv. Seeking confirmation, Shiv asks Shakti directly if this is true. Without hesitation, Shakti affirms her love for him and expresses it to Shiv. However, upon hearing this, Shiv pushes her away. Undeterred, Shakti reminds him of how he has always been there for her and helped her countless times, leading her to fall in love with him each time. She emphasizes that her love for him has grown through his constant support.

Shakti recounts the numerous occasions when Shiv has made her feel cherished and expresses how she fell deeply in love with him each time. She reveals that when she first realized her feelings for him, she wanted to distance herself, but he persisted in getting closer. Shiv responds by stating that Shakti’s friendship makes her happy and assures her he doesn’t want anything more. Shakti adds that she had already confided in Manorama about this, so she is confused about why Manorama brought a marriage proposal to their home.

She says Shiv made a mistake getting close to her and that he wouldn’t have fallen in love with her if he hadn’t gotten close to her. Shiv says to Shakti that it isn’t his fault. Shiv says to Shakti that she doesn’t know anything about him and that he is worse than a devil. She tries to calm down Dr. Shiv, but he pushes her away and leaves.


Shakti asks Manorama why she went to Shiv’s house for her marriage proposal. Manorama says he’s perfect for you. Shakti says I can’t marry him. Rimjhim, in anger, says you must.

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