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Shiv assures Nandu that he will uncover the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Mandira informs Padma that Shakti is digging her own grave by attempting to gather evidence against us. In doing so, both Shiv and Shakti will face consequences, but I will see to it that they are buried in it. On the other hand, Shiv reveals to Nandu that he has a strong belief that the minister trapped Shakti in the storeroom and leaked our news when she received the scholarship. Who else would plot against us? It is imperative that we expose this enemy and reveal the truth. Therefore, I must contact Shakti and inform her of my plans to bring the culprit to light. With this in mind, Shiv calls Shakti.

When Ranjan’s family arrives at Manorama’s house, Shakti is busy serving them and does not notice Shiv calling her. Shakti tells Ranjan I was joking when I asked you not to marry me. Manorama says Rimjhim wanted to tell something. Rimjhim goes from there, Manorama says she must be shy. Rimjhim goes to the kitchen and says Keertan must have been angry that day, and I should try to talk to him again. She calls him again and he thinks it’s Shakti. She says I wanted to speak with you.

You must have realized that you are better than Shiv, Koyal says. While he says I am the best, Rimjhim wipes her tears and thinks I shouldn’t care if he doesn’t care. She goes to Ranjan and says I realize he’s my prince charming and I’m ready to marry him. She whispers to Rimjhim not to lie if she doesn’t want this marriage, but he stops her.

Shakti is waiting for Shiv to call. Nandu asks if you want to meet her? Shiv says no, I will not do anything without her. He calls her again. Nandu thinks if Shakti comes into his life then he will be so much better. You are both a team and I hope they will soon become a couple.

As soon as Manorama does aarti for Ranjan, she asks him to be his groom. She says the proposal is final now. Ranjan’s mother gives Rimjhim bangles and says she will become our daughter. Chacha checks kundlis and says we’ll have a good time after seven days. All are happy, but Shakti says it’s too soon. She takes Manorama aside and says we shouldn’t rush so fast. Manorama says we don’t have many options, so shut up. Ranjan stares at Shakti, leers at her and leers.

Shiv calls Shakti and Manorama gives her it to her. She asks her to put the phone on speaker so she can hear it too. Shakti takes the call and Shiv asks why she didn’t pick it up? As a partner, you must work with me. Can we meet at the hospital in 20 minutes? She says right now? According to him, you were saying big things about finding the culprit, so what happened now? Will you cancel the partnership?

After Ranjan calls Shakti, he turns to Manorama and asks if he can take Rimjhim out for a movie. Manorama agrees and Ranjan then inquires if it would be okay to also invite Shakti to avoid making Rimjhim feel uncomfortable. However, Manorama declines, stating that Shakti needs to study for her medical exam and attend the hospital. She urges Shakti to go on without them. Shakti embraces her and wonders if Chachi is worried about finding a suitable groom for Rimjhim due to the news. Realizing that exposing Mandira may resolve this issue, she decides to do so soon and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Ranjan looks at her with lustful eyes but manages to keep himself composed.

As Shiv views the CCTV footage at the hospital, Shakti arrives and apologizes for being delayed due to a late bus. He suggests she could have taken a rickshaw instead. However, Shakti explains that it would have been too costly for her. While the CCTV footage plays, Shakti observes herself with Mandira in the store room, but Shiv remains unaware of this. Curious about their purpose there, she asks him what they are doing. Shiv responds by stating they are reviewing the CCTV footage together. As he leans in closer to her, Shakti notices his hand lightly touching hers, causing them both to lock eyes. She smiles and recalls Rimjhim questioning if she has feelings for Shiv. Overwhelmed with emotions, Shakti admits to being consumed by her thoughts.

Shiv inquires about the possibility of her having a tendency to talk to herself. I can relate, as I do the same thing. As he rewinds, Shakti believes that he is unaware that their own family member is the culprit. Shiv is about to rewind again, but the manager enters and turns off the cameras. Confused, Shiv questions this action and reminds the manager that he is the hospital director. The manager acknowledges this but states that as a manager, it is not allowed for him to view such footage and asks him to leave. Frustrated, Shiv mentions contacting Mandira to discuss the matter. However, the manager reveals that she is already present at the hospital and encourages Shiv to speak with her instead.

Mandira arrives at the hospital accompanied by Ragunath and others. She expresses confusion over the sudden notice for a board meeting. Ragunath is taken aback to witness Shiv arriving with Shakti. He questions her presence, to which Mandira invites Shiv to join them for the meeting. With a nod, Shiv exits from the scene. Shakti suspects Mandira’s motives and peers into the room, only to see a furious Shiv in the midst of a heated discussion. Perplexed, she wonders about the situation and then finds news of Radha being arrested for murder; she cannot believe it and feels compelled to go there immediately. In haste, she informs Shiv via message that she must leave in order to save an innocent life.

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