Shiv Shakti (Zee) 21st September 2023 Written Episode: Shiv’s Heroic Act, Shakti’s Loyalty Tested

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Shiv beats Ranjan up, he shouts, “How dare you touch my Shakti?” She thinks I must stop him before he does anything too wrong. She tries to stop him and asks him to calm down. Manorama is going to Shakti’s room. Ranjan falls outside the door, and his brother asks him to hide. Shakti is trying to stop Shiv, but he says no.. I’ll punish anyone who touches my Shakti like this.

Shakti calls Manorama to dance while she is going to her room. She is about to leave the house when she hears Shakti calling out to Shiv. As she enters the room, Shakti asks Shiv to stop for her. When Ranjan pushes Shiv, he falls on Shakti. They both fall on the bed. Manorama arrives at the bed and sees them. She shouts Shakti, who moves away from Shiv. Ranjan’s brother asks Shakti what’s going on here? Shakti says it’s not like that.

Mandira suggests that the family bring fruits to the priest’s house. Dadi reminds her of her previous hesitation, but Mandira has changed her heart. She believes that if it is the Lord’s will for Shiv and Shakti to be together, they should not stand in the way. According to Mandira, Shiv is oblivious to Shakti’s importance and needs their help to realize it. Keertan questions this plan, but Mandira is determined for Shakti to enter Shiv’s life as soon as possible. Raghunath agrees and tells Nandu to prepare fruits and sweets. As they all get ready to leave, Padma looks confused. Mandira clarifies that their goal is still to separate Shiv and Shakti.

When I entered the room, Ranjan told Manorama that Shiv and Shakti were close to me. I tried to stop them, but Shiv beat me badly. He says he’s lying and he’s a jerk. Ranjan’s brother says he saw the couple close together and had a love affair, but I remained silent. Your daughter is so shameless that she is having her wedding night at the same time as her elder sister’s haldi. Shiv tries to attack him, but Manorama stops him.

Keertan inquires Mandira about her intentions regarding Shiv and Shakti. Mandira explains that she plans to take the family to witness Shakti breaking Shiv rather than completing him. Despite their belief that Shakti can bring back the old Shiv, they will see his anger today and understand that Shakti will only add more negativity to his life. Mandira is confident that the family will eventually kick Shakti out themselves. Keertan asks for reassurance, to which Mandira confidently replies affirmatively, stating that her plan is foolproof.

Mandira reprimands Shiv, while Shakti claims they are being deceitful. Manorama points out her observation, stating that her eyes don’t deceive her. Having seen the two of them staring at each other publicly, she can only imagine what they do behind closed doors. She had high hopes for Shiv and even considered him a suitable match for her daughter, but now she feels foolish to trust him. Shiv tries to defend himself, but Manorama cuts him off, having been warned by others that Shakti is not her biological daughter. However, she refused to believe it until now.

You proved that blood is above love. I loved you like a daughter, but you broke my family. You destroyed everything because of this Shiv. People were right when they taunted you.. you can cross boundaries in the house and then do anything. Shiv shouts enough.. do not say anything against Shakti. Shiv says you… Manorama says you… Shiv says enough, don’t you know her? No one can be wrong, but your Shakti can’t be evil. Do you even know what you’re saying? You don’t even know the truth.

He tried to touch Shakti badly, and Manorama was shocked. Shiv says Shakti isn’t at fault. When I arrived here, I saw Ranjan trying to molest her, so I beat him up badly. She remembers how many times Ranjan attempted to touch her. His brother says he is lying, and he beats Ranjan because he tried to stop their marriage night.

Even though everyone knows about their scandal, we still accept Rimjhim. We need to end this marriage. Shiv shouts that Rimjhim won’t marry this useless man. Manorama warns him not to make decisions for her daughter’s life. Ranjan’s brother says we’ll go out and tell everyone about their affair. Manorama watches.


In Shiv’s words to Manorama, I thought you were a wise lady who loved her daughters equally, but today, it was evident that you only loved her daughter and not her niece. Shakti says this is a family matter, so please don’t interfere. Shiv tells her, “I was trying to be your friend, but I can’t be her friend if she can’t stand up for herself.”

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