Shiv Shakti (Zee) 4th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti Confronts Mandira’s Missteps

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 4th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti confronts Mandira for allegedly sabotaging Shiv and causing issues for the Kashyap household. Later, when Shiv interrupts Shakti’s thoughts and inquires about the situation, she attempts to explain Mandira’s behaviour. However, Raghunath intervenes, revealing they know Mandira’s mistake in identifying Ranjan. He clarifies that this is out of character for her as she misunderstood the changes in Ranjan. As a result, the Kashyap family apologizes to Shakti for the entire ordeal.

She also blames herself for the incident. Shakti insists they take measures to prevent such a mistake from recurring. Manorama urges everyone to put it behind them. She suggests Shakti take a break today as she has been handling everything.

Shakti and the Sharma family receive an apology from Mandira. Raghunath and Bhagwati decide to discuss Shiv and Shakti’s marriage with Kishore’s family later. Mandira embraces Shakti and warns that she won’t get away next time. Shiv advises Shakti to rest as college begins the next day. The Kashyap family leaves the scene after Shakti concurs.

After becoming frustrated with Rimjim’s constant calls, Keertan approaches Mandira, who inquires about the events at Sharma Sadan. Mandira tells Keertan to leave, expressing her aversion to talking about Sharma Sadan. When Keertan hears Rimjim’s persistent calls, he expresses his annoyance to Mandira, surprising her.

Upon visiting Rimjim, Shakti asks her about the person she is contacting. She discovers that Rimjim is trying to reach Keertan. Since Keertan is the only one aware of her presence there, Keertan might have locked Rimjim in the garage. Shakti pieces together what happened to Rimjim. She’s determined to hold Keertan and Mandira accountable for their actions. Shakti receives a call from Manorama and heads toward her.

After arriving at Manorama’s house, Shakti notices her knee pain. She offers to massage Manorama, who compliments Shakti for rescuing Rimjim. Shakti credits Shiv and her for the rescue, emphasizing that it wouldn’t have been possible without him. Manorama agrees and reflects on the sacrifices Shiv has made for her.

Bhagwati tends to Shiv’s wounds and asks why he fought with the goons. Shiv’s response is simple: he did it for Shakti. Bhagwati probes further, asking whether Shakti holds a special place in his heart, to which Shiv confirms and adds that Shakti’s family also occupies a special place in her heart. He then departs.

She refutes Manorama’s claim that Shiv doesn’t love her and playsfully teases her.

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