Mangal Lakshmi 17th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Unexpected Encounters and Emotional Moments

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 17th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Adit calls Somaiya. He says I’m leaving. He leaves. Mangal says I should’ve walked carefully. Akshar says Mummy, your foot is bleeding. The kids get worried for her. Lakshmi says, please come in. Karthik and Lakshmi take her inside. Karthik asks Lakshmi to bring first aid. Mangal says we don’t need to see a doctor. Kusum says Mangal Karthik is right. It would be best if you went to a doctor. It would help if you had been more careful. Lakshmi brings first aid and cleans her wound. Lakshmi gets concerned. They bandage her foot. Karthik says should we inform Karthik?

Karthik arrives at Somaiya’s place and apologizes for being late. Mangal caused quite a scene. They proceed to review the file together. The doctor attended to Mangal’s injury and noted it was pretty deep. He advises her to rest for a few days. Lakshmi asks if she heard correctly and insists that Mangal needs to rest. Karthik suggests giving her some sleeping pills so she can sleep properly. Lakshmi agrees, saying the same thing. However, Mangal shrugs off their concerns and says there’s no need to worry about her. Lakshmi offers to call Adit for help, but Mangal declines, stating he’s busy. Lakshmi expresses surprise at his busy schedule and reminds Mangal that she wouldn’t have gotten hurt without his haste.

In the end, Somaiya gets a cut from a staple pin. He gets worried about her. He says, “Let’s go to the doctor.” She says, “It’s just a stapler pin.” Adit cleans her wound and says to be careful. Lakshmi says Adit should have been with you. Karthik must have come. Karthik says it was necessary. Adit dresses Somaiya’s wound and says I will work. You rest. Lakshmi sends him Mangal’s foot. He leaves it in anger. The doctor gives him medicine and says take care.

She can’t eat medicine without food. Karthik says we should go to a nearby restaurant. Mangal says why go to a restaurant. We have food to eat at home. Amma and Mausi must be waiting for us. Karthik says they’ll have a good time together. During the call, Karthik tells Kusum that the doctor has given her a painkiller and asked her to rest. We should have lunch here so she can take her medicine. Kusum says okay. Karthik says let’s go.

As Kusum tells Gayatri, Karthik said they would eat outside. Gayatri is annoyed that Karthik didn’t inform her. Mangal and Lakshmi dined with Karthik. Adit always orders. I don’t know much. He says you’ll order today. We’ll all eat whatever you like, like you decide what to cook at home. She says Amma decides what to cook, I cook. This makes my job easier. He says, therefore, that you always cook and eat other people’s food. We will order your choice today.

Kusum serves the food. She says Mangal does everything, so I’m not used to it now. Papa says we’d eat khichdi if Mangal didn’t cook. Gayatri says she cooks the best food. Kusum says I taught her. Papa says she always cooks well. She says I taught her my ways. It’s a good thing Mangal takes good care of me. Papa says she must, and you get mad.

Lakshmi asks Karthik what to cook. Mangal decides. She remembers she never made that dish since no one liked it except her. People gather around and start taking Karthik’s photo. Lakshmi recalls the viral video. She hides her face behind the menu. Karthik says don’t worry. I am sorry for what happened. He asks the fans to take photos with him on the side. Mangal calls Karthik very wise and nice.

Gayatri asks Kusum why she’s not eating. He says I’m waiting for Karthik to call. Papa says he’s an adult now. He’s going to be married soon. His wife will take care of him. He’s only a mom until his wife comes. He is joking, but Gayatri doesn’t like it. She drops the spoon, and her saree gets ruined.

The girl says let me clean it. Kusum says you said so much. He says I was kidding. Kusum goes after her. Sonu calls Lakshmi. Sonu calls Lakshmi. She goes out to take the call. They make fun of Karthik’s boring girl. They make fun of her dress. Lakshmi asks Mangal, Is it hurting? Mangal says I’m fine. Karthik returns to the table.

In her mind’s eye, Gayatri imagines her mother-in-law asking, Are you scared? You took me too soon, and now your son will leave you. You’ll die alone. You’ll suffer. It’s my curse. It’s my mother’s curse. She cries. Kusum comes. She asks Gayatri what’s going on. She panics. Kusum says he was kidding. Please relax. Gayatri says I’m scared. What if Maa was right? What if a girl takes me away?

Adit and Somaiya come to the same restaurant. Karthik orders Mangal’s food. She recalls Kusum and Adit getting mad when she cooked her food. Mangal says I am eating it after so long. Lakshmi serves her. She says I like it so much. Lakshmi sees Adit and Somaiya. She is shocked. Although Mangal looks there, people are in front of them.

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