Udne Ki Aasha 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Tejas and Isha’s Deception Revealed

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The Episode begins with Tejas explaining that his father has promised to give him a settlement amount. He then invites Isha to join him, but their conversation is interrupted by a man who requests Tejas to surrender his car due to unpaid EMI. Tejas expresses his disagreement, claiming he was not given proper notice beforehand. However, the man clarifies that they have been trying to reach Tejas but he did not answer their calls, hence, the company has sent them. The car is eventually taken away. Feeling embarrassed and frustrated, Isha blames herself for the situation and asks Tejas to leave her alone. Realizing there may have been a miscommunication, Tejas apologizes and tries to explain the situation. But Isha insists on being left alone and reminds him of the importance of honesty over money. She then hitches a ride with another person while Tejas apologizes again for the misunderstanding. Eventually, Isha and the other passenger share a laugh.

As Tejas returns home, he tells his father, “If you give me the settlement amount, I will marry that girl.” Isha tells her friend Tejas thought she was pregnant and agreed to marry her. She says I m fooling him since a year, finally, his dad is giving him retirement money, I’ll need to get that money in my account, then Canada is on, he’ll try to get the money from his father. Renu asks what, marriage isn’t a joke.

In Paresh’s opinion, you need to accept the girl completely before marrying her and think again. Isha says I will move to Canada and marry a rich man. Tejas says he will do as you say. Renu asks what you are saying. Tejas says I want the money before marriage; otherwise, I won’t marry. Paresh asks if you don’t trust me. Tejas says I have to start a business. Paresh says you’ll get it. Sachin returns home.

Paresh says Tejas is ready to marry Sayali. He wants money for business, so I’ll give him the money. You forgot you have three sons. Give me my share, and then you give it to beggars. Sachin and Tejas fight. He says he’s cheating on you. The girl is nice, but her life will be ruined. Renu claims Tejas’s life will also be ruined.

Paresh takes Sachin home. He says I will give you money, happy; now I know Sachin is my soul and understands me. If you want money, I will take a loan to provide you with it. Paresh laughs and says you are mad. He hugs Sachin. Sachin says don’t give Tejas any money. I asked for a share to share it with you, but I was shouting, for your sake, no share. Sachin says don’t give Tejas any money.

Tejas says I have no problem with marriage. Renu says it’s about your entire life. He tells her she’ll become a maid in this house and care for you. Don’t worry. Renu gets a call from a friend. Shakuntala calls her home. Renu says we need to go to Shakuntala Maasa. She asks Tejas to come with her. Paresh arrives to meet Sayali. He tells Sayali, “I got good news: Tejas has agreed to marry me.” Sayali says I am not ready for marriage since my father has passed away.

Paresh says he is with you. She sees the diya flickering. She puts some oil in it and prays. A flower falls over her. Paresh says he has blessed this relationship. Shubha says we do not have savings and can’t even think about marriage. Paresh says you are a part of my family, it is my responsibility to get the children married, I will handle it, let me know if there are any other problems. Kishor asks if you have any doubts about Tejas. She says not.

Paresh says Tejas has many degrees but doesn’t want to work. He wants to start his own business. His mother raised him with love, and he expects love from his wife. He also wants a partner who guides him well. They will be happy together, so I came to Sayali. Shubha thanks him. Sayali says no. He says do not worry, your siblings are talented like you, I will help you with their education expenses until they earn money.

Tejas accepts Sayali’s alliance. He says I will love Sayali as a father, and she will remain there as my daughter. He gives Sayali time. He says I will wait for her decision. He leaves with Kishor. Renu and Tejas meet Shakuntala. Renu asks him to call the doctor. Tejas asks which doctor to call. He asks which one to go to. She says healthy and light vegetable khichdi. He leaves.

In response to Renu’s question, Shakuntala says my son and bahu have left the city. Tenu tells me about Tejas’ marriage talks. Shakuntala says my son and bahu have left the house, he has become a Ghar Jamai. Renu asks what this means. He has shown his colours; it has been my mistake to get a high-society bahu, and my son does not even talk to me. Don’t repeat this mistake.

Get a bahu from a small house; she will stay under your control; you have three sons; you can get other bahus from wealthy families; control your first bahu, and the other two will follow. The flower order is thanks to Sayali. Sachin arrives. Anya says you will soon get married, the guy proposes to his girlfriend. He stumbles and pushes the girl away. The flowers fall over him.

In the argument, Sachin says the girl will ruin your life. The guy slaps him. Sachin says he will beat him. Anya stops him. Anya takes Sachin. Sayali asks for payment. The guy refuses. She says it’s not my mistake. The girl says no proposal, no fee. They leave. Sayali scolds Sachin. She calls him heartless. Sachin laughs.


Sachin saves Sayali from goons who kidnap her.

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