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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Arushi excitedly greeting Suman. Shiva then admits that he and Arushi have feelings for each other. This elicits a joke from Suman, which causes everyone to burst into laughter. Shiva clarifies that if they were to be together, marriage could potentially be on the cards. Raavi becomes upset by this revelation. The children chime in, mentioning how the adults always fight at parties. Eventually, they all cut the cake and each claimed a slice before leaving the room. As Arushi catches sight of Dhara, she is filled with memories of their childhood together. However, Arushi’s mother becomes worried about her tendency to get angry easily over trivial matters. In another room, Suman scolds Shiva while the kids watch on in amusement and comment on the drama unfolding before them. One of them jokingly suggests making a pact to not get married anytime soon, which is agreed upon by all present. Suman then adds in a playful reminder for Shiva not to get married just yet either.

According to Dev, my happiness and sorrow have not been considered by anyone, otherwise, I would have been married by now. Dev also assures me that I am not treated like a servant at the store. Shiva is asking Raavi to understand and not stop his marriage with Arushi. He firmly states that even if everyone is against it, he will still marry her. This causes Dhara to hit Shiva. Raavi takes him away while Dhara scolds Arushi for the situation. Despite Raavi’s insistence, Shiva asks her to let go of him. Dhara pleads with Arushi to leave as the marriage cannot happen. However, Raavi refuses to leave Dhara’s side. Shiva blames Raavi for Arushi leaving and Dhara is left wondering how they can make him understand their reasoning.

Arushi is still reeling from the hurtful words Dhara said to her and can’t help but shed tears as she makes her way out. Just then, her mother calls for her attention. Arushi relays what happened between her and Dhara, how she was kicked out of the house and insulted in the most rude manner. Raavi steps in, urging Suman not to intervene. She claims that she had no choice but to reveal the truth. Shiva, confused by the conversation, asks for clarification. With a serious look, Raavi implores him to remember their past together by looking into her eyes. Suddenly struck with a memory of their marriage, Shiva collapses in shock. Suman is outraged at Raavi’s actions while everyone rushes to tend to Shiva. Taking advantage of the commotion, Shweta and Shivank share a secret smile and plot their next move. Knowing that they are busy dealing with their own family issues, Shweta decides to focus on convincing Prerna while Shivank sets his sights on Krish with a sneaky grin on his face.

After returning home, Arushi requests her mother to explain the situation. Her mother then reveals that Dhara is her stepsister. Gautam brings a piece of cake for Dhara and encourages her to have it. However, Dhara declines and expresses her belief that no one can be happy on this day, including herself and her family. Arushi understands why her mother would always visit the temple on this day and had treated her as a second child. Curious about the events leading up to Dhara’s departure from their house, Arushi’s mother clarifies that she was not kicked out but left voluntarily. Furthermore, Arushi reveals that she knows who holds a special place in her mother’s heart. As Shweta enters the room, oblivious to everyone else’s presence, she proceeds to serve herself some food and eat papaya without knowing its effects during pregnancy. Observing this, Dhara advises Shweta to avoid eating papaya while pregnant.


Krish says I will fulfil my promise to Shweta and Prerna and expose Shweta’s truth.

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