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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The scene begins with Shweta proudly proclaiming that she gave birth to Chiku on the street, dubbing him as the prince of roads. However, Dhara corrects her and declares him to be the prince of Pandya house. Amidst this back-and-forth, Shweta suddenly declares her aversion towards papaya. Meanwhile, Krish and Prerna are patiently waiting for Dhara’s arrival. Upon her arrival, Dhara stated that she would unite both parties and suspects that their client may not actually be pregnant since she was seen consuming papaya. She suggests that they redo the pregnancy test in secret before disclosing their plan to anyone else. The trio then join hands in agreement. Little do they know that Shivank overhears their conversation and is suspicious of Prerna’s intentions, vowing to put an end to her business plans and crush their aspirations.

Arushi remains upset and takes out her anger on her mother, refusing to eat. Raavi recalls Shiva’s advice and contacts Arushi, introducing herself as Raavi and offering to help with any information about Shiva. Arushi agrees to meet her and Prerna enters the room. Shivank questions her whereabouts, but she lies to him. This angers him and she tells him to leave her alone. Dhara hears the commotion and rushes in to check on Prerna. She scolds Shivank for his behavior and he explains that he was trying to protect Prerna from an insect. Dhara doesn’t buy his excuse and tells him not to try to deceive her, as she knows him well. He then claims they have a past relationship and apologizes to Prerna before making up a story. Dhara advises Prerna to reach out if she ever needs help and leaves. Shivank justifies his actions by thinking it was necessary for Dhara to see his anger towards Prerna.

Raavi replies “Shiva is my husband.” Arushi asks what that means, Dhara…. Raavi asks how do you know Dhara? Arushi turns away. Raavi tells them everything. She says you’ll get a good husband soon. Gautam thinks about Prerna and Krish’s situation. He asks Dhara why she’s looking at the door. She says nothing. I’m fine now.

Upon feeling nauseous, Shweta receives water from Raavi. Meanwhile, Gautam suggests that Rishita and Shweta visit the school for their children’s admission. However, Dhara apologizes and shares that she is currently feeling feverish, proposing to postpone the visit until tomorrow. Shivank has his own thoughts about not letting Prerna go out of his grasp. As Shweta exits, Prerna notices Krish and decides to leave as well. Krish reminds them about the three people they need to meet for blood tests. Concerned about Shweta overhearing their discussion, Prerna redirects her attention by mentioning a trip to the kitchen instead of the washroom. Shweta then adds that she wanted to have ice cream before going to the restroom, to which Prerna understands and offers to get it for her.

In praising Prerna for her generosity, Shivank thanks her. She asks him to remain within limits. Suman watches. Raavi receives Arushi’s message and wonders why she called her to meet. She meets Raavi and says if I keep the relationship with Shiva, then… Raavi takes a stick to beat her. Arushi stops her. She says she will marry Shiva.


Krish, Prerna, and Dhara disguise themselves to find Shweta’s real reports.

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