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Ghum hai kisike

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Satya and his family eagerly await Sai’s arrival at the temple. When she finally arrives, Alka Aaji notices her limping and asks what happened. Sai reassures her that it’s just a mild sprain. Amba then suggests that Satya carry Sai up the temple stairs as part of the ritual, believing it will strengthen their bond. Gowri rudely questions if he is capable of such a feat. Satya humbly asks Amba to disregard the suggestion, explaining that he hasn’t been to the gym in years. However, Sai insists that she can manage on her own and doesn’t want to inconvenience Satya. As he watches her continue to limp, Satya decides to lift her himself. Savi admires his strength and remarks on it.

Amba chuckles and explains that he was just pretending earlier, as he now effortlessly lifts Sai. Gowri cheers them on. Satya ascends the stairs and reassures Sai that their friendship will always remain strong, despite any misunderstandings. Sai expresses her gratitude and apologizes for Virat’s behaviour. Alka notices the strong affection between Satya and Sai and reassures Amba not to worry unnecessarily. Amba acknowledges the love in Satya’s eyes for Sai but expresses concern that Sai may not reciprocate those feelings due to her divided attention between the two households. Alka advises her to remain hopeful. Meanwhile, Savi reaches the temple first, takes a selfie, and sends it to the Chavan family. Soon after, Satya and Sai arrive at the temple as well.

Harini shows Savi’s selfie to the family. Ashwini becomes emotional and comments on how Savi used to live with them, but now she is living in someone else’s house. Bhavani immediately criticizes her for this statement. Ashwini then expresses that Bhavani cannot possibly understand the pain of others as she only focuses on profit and loss and what is right or wrong. Suddenly, Bhavani receives a call from the party president who reminds her that she always talks about women’s empowerment, yet her own daughters-in-law have all eloped from her house. Confused, Bhavani asks for clarification. The president mentions that years ago Sai had eloped, then Karishma, and now Pakhi. However, Bhavani adamantly denies these accusations.

Pakhi’s disappearance was reported in the newspaper, and the President warns her that a good politician never gets caught, so if this continues, her political career will soon end. Sai advertises this news, Bhavani fumes. Vinu gets an apology note from Virat that his mother left him because of him. Virat enters wearing a clown’s costume and tries to cheer up Vinu. Vinu doesn’t cheer up. According to Virat, Vinu’s birthday is tomorrow, so they plan to celebrate it grandly.

Satya and family perform pooja, and Amba is told by Panditji that her DIL’s arrival is fortunate for the household. He reassures her that she will not only take on all the household challenges but will also protect her son. Meanwhile, Savi walks over to drink water, while Bhavani approaches Sai, addressing her as Sai Adhikari. Sai questions Bhavani’s presence, prompting Bhavani to inquire if she had shared the news of Vinu’s situation. Sai confirms this and Bhavani asks who gave her permission to do so. In response, Sai points out Vinu’s current state. However, Bhavani firmly states that she and her DCP nephew will handle the search for Pakhi, emphasizing that Sai is no longer a part of their family.

Sai shares that she did not spread this news for the sake of Bhavani or Virat, but rather for her son Vinu who is currently struggling with his mental health. She expresses fear of potential threats from Bhavani or anyone else. In response, Bhavani admits to causing this problem and is working towards finding a solution. However, in addition to betraying Virat, she has also caused immense pain in Vinu’s life. Bhavani believes that Sai is trying to defame the Chavan family on Amba’s orders. Sai retorts by saying that a thief sees everyone as a thief; perhaps Bhavani has spent her entire life conspiring against others and thus thinks everyone is the same as her. She clarifies that she did not spread this news on Amba or anyone else’s orders; rather, she did it solely for the happiness of her son. Warning Amba, Bhavani reminds her that she is no longer the forgiving sister she once was and currently holds a great deal of power. As a symbol of her defiance and anger, Bhavani tosses away the newspaper and storms off.


Over the phone, Ashwini asks Virat if he heard anything about Pakhhi. Virat replies no. He receives a call from a constable who tells him that they found a woman’s body at a railway station.

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