Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Virat dressed as a clown tries to cheer up Vinayak and says tomorrow is Vinayak’s birthday and they want to celebrate it like every year. In addition to Ashwini and Ninad, the whole family tries to convince Vinu to celebrate his birthday. Vinu agrees but insists Paakhi Mamma will attend the party before cutting the cake.

Virat promises to bring his mother and asks him not to cut the cake until she arrives. Ashwini says it’s impossible Ninad wonders if Virat will ever fulfill his promise. Sai and Saavi decided to video call Vinayak to wish him a happy birthday. Sai mentioned that it was Vinayak’s first birthday celebrating with them, and they promised to give him a special gift. Vinu warmly invited them to join the birthday party and mentioned that he would be cutting the cake along with his mother. Sai also wondered if Paakhi had returned home.

Inspector Kadam calls Virat and informs him that Saavi has called Vinu. Virat says it’s 12 and she must have called to wish Vinu a happy birthday. He asks to keep track of Vinu’s number since Paakhi may call him at any time. Sai calls Karishma and asks if Paakhi has returned home. As Karishma said, Virat promised Vinu he’d bring Paakhi to his house before his birthday, and she’s not sure what he’ll think if Paakhi does not show up.

The next morning, Satya informs his family that his colleagues are coming for dinner. Sai asks him if it’s today. Satya says he forgot and realized when Dr. Survase texted him the address. Amba will serve the feast today as she couldn’t during Satya’s wedding due to Sai’s ex-husband’s drama. Alka asks Amba not to always criticize Sai. Sai says today’s feast will be impossible since she has to visit Chavan Nivas for Vinu’s birthday today.

According to an advertisement in the newspaper by Bhavani, Dr Sai Adhidhari is not related to them and any information she relays about them is false, so nobody should believe her. Bhavani clearly warned her against going to the Chavan family, so she asks if she still wants to go there.

The birthday of her son is the reason Sai says she’ll visit Chavan Naivas; whatever happens between elders, she won’t allow children to suffer because of it; Saavi shouldn’t miss her elder brother’s birthday, which is a special day for them.

Sai walks to Satya’s room. Amba says Satya invited his colleagues with so much happiness and she won’t tolerate it if Sai makes Satya unhappy. As Sai walks to Satya and asks if he is unhappy, Satya says he isn’t. Sai asks him not to cancel his dinner party as she’ll attend Vinu’s birthday and return to him. Satya asks her to relax and be at one place at a time, and to give her 100% wherever she is.

For the birthday party, the Chavans decorate the house. Ashwini calls Virat and asks if he has found Paakhi yet. Virat agrees. Virat receives a call from a constable who informs him that they found a deceased woman at the railway station and brought her to the City Hospital, so he can identify the body immediately.

As another constable informs Sai of the same, they urge her to visit the hospital to find out if the dead body belongs to Paakhi. Virat rushes to the hospital and reaches the morgue room at once. Virat lifts the cover slowly from the dead body. Sai says these are Paakhi’s clothes and notices a birthmark on the dead body’s hands and asks whether Paakhi had any birthmarks. Virat says no and scolds the constables. Constables say they were just doing their job.


Virat asks if she is bothered that she has left him; he is tolerating her because of Vinu, and once Paakhi returns and handles Vinu, he will never see her again.

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