Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Virat inquires with Inspector Kadam about updates from the control room regarding Paakhi’s whereabouts. Kadam informs him that he has sent Paakhi’s missing information to the bureau, but there is no update yet. Virat stresses the importance of finding Paakhi and requests Kadam to keep him informed. Feeling anxious, he takes a seat on a stool. Sai approaches him and reassures him that Paakhi will be home by evening. However, Virat shifts the blame onto her for being the cause of this situation and urges her not to give false hope. He questions why she keeps returning to his life when she has already left. In response, Sai expresses her concern and mentions that she has even placed a missing advertisement for Paakhi. Dismissing her actions as self-serving, Virat declares that once Paakhi handles Vinu’s issue and returns home, he never wants to see Sai again.

Saavi teaches Satya how to apply glitter around a photo and asks him how he got into medicine. Satya jokes about it. Sai says she knows he can’t cheat. Vinu calls Saavi and invites Satya to his birthday party. Saavi says she will bring both her aayi and Sattu uncle with her. Sai returns home, and Saavi shows Vinu her greeting card. Sai comments on it.

Saavi instructs them to prepare themselves for the party and heads to her room to do the same. Satya informs Sai that Vinu invited him as well, and reassures her that she doesn’t need to worry because he understands her concerns. He explains that he doesn’t want Bhavani and Virat’s presence to spark any drama because of him. Amba enters the room and suggests that Satya accompany Sai to the party, while also urging Sai to bring her husband along. Sai agrees to this plan. Amba then reminds Sai to return home with Satya before his colleagues arrive for a dinner feast, expressing her desire for Satya not to face any humiliation.

After Amba’s departure, Satya inquires Sai about her consent towards Amba’s request. Sai confesses her worry that Paakhi might not come back, hence it would be beneficial to have people around Vinu whom he likes, including Satya. Agreeing with Sai’s reasoning, Satya walks in wearing a blazer as Gowri gets Saavi ready and compliments her appearance as a princess. Satya asks for Saavi’s opinion on his look, which she cheekily describes as that of a goon due to his beard. Sai prefers clean-shaven men while Gowri suggests Satya to shave immediately. Satya willingly agrees.

Chavans are the ones in charge of organizing Vinu’s birthday celebration. Bhavani greets him with well wishes for his special day, followed by Ninad who shares that Ashwini is currently out of town, visiting her sick sister in Ratnagiri. The rest of the family also sends their birthday greetings to Vinu. In walks, Saavi first, bringing joy to Virat and the entire family. Sai then arrives with Satya, much to the dismay of everyone else who criticizes her decision to bring him along. Bhavani hopes that Vinu will blow out his birthday candles soon and that Sai will take Satya away from there quickly. Vinu turns to Virat and asks when Paakhi will arrive. Virat assures him that his team is actively searching for her and they should find her soon.

Vinu asks Virat when and where Paakhi mamma will arrive. Virat calls Kadam, who replies that Paakhi has not yet arrived.

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