Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th March 2023 on

During a dinner outing, Savi presents a sari to Sai, who asks when she bought it. Savi looks at Virat and lies that she purchased it when she was returning home with Bhavani. Sai tells her she shouldn’t lie, as she has never given her a gift before. Virat asks her to stop questioning a kid and accept her gift as her sari was torn yesterday. Sai asks if he brought this sari. Virat nervously says no. Sai insists that she accepts that her baba brought this sari. Virat denies. Sai plays a joke and asks Savi why she brought her sari when she knows she likes suits more.

Savi asks Virat why he brought a sari instead of a shalwar suit and if they are caught. Virat nervously replies that it’s okay. Sai is fighting with Baab and Savi asks him to patch up with her, as she has become a spy. When Sunny enters, she says khadoos jasoos, not jassoos.

Virat is surprised to see Sunny, hugs him, and asks where he was until now. Sunny says he has messaged and called him that he is going to Australia, but Virat has not returned his call. Virat says it is a big story, and he will elaborate later. He asks Savi if she is little Sai. In response to Sunny’s question, Sai stands with a sad expression. Sunny asks if they fought again. Savi asks how he knows that. Sunny says he was her parents’ friend even before she was born; they used to call each other Modak, Mirchi, Khadoos Jasoor, etc. when they fought.

Seeing Virat’s perfect family, he asks if he has a little brother too. Savi replies that she has Vinu Dada. Sai confirms that they have a son. Sunny becomes happier. Sai reveals that they are not together. Sunny asks not to joke. Savi says they’ve really fought. Sunny asks what about Pakhi? Sai reveals that Pakhi is now officially Virat’s wife. Sunny stands in shock. Virat asks him to come visit him within 1-2 days.

She imagines Virat and Sai happily feeding ice cream to one another while cooking, but Vinu stops her and warns her not to cut her finger. Seeing tears in her eyes, he asks if she is upset. She says no, she is cutting pinion to prepare pizza for him. He asks her to close her eyes and presents her with a sari. In reply, Pakhi asks Vinu when he purchased it. Vinu replies that he has been saving money in his piggy bank for a long time to give her something. Pakhi thanks him and says let’s go for pizza. He walks out.

When Virat sees Sai at the restaurant, he asks her not to vent her anger over food, since Sunny entered and their discussion turned awkward. He reminds her that Sunny used to patch them up every time they fought. Regardless of whether God wants it or not, they will not ever unite again, Sai says.

He tells her that his heart has never loved anyone else and that he is willing to sacrifice himself to hold her hand no matter what. A song plays in the background, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein and he holds her hand, telling her that if her hand isn’t his in hand, he feels as if he doesn’t have the lines of fate in his hand. Sai alerts him and says soup fell on Savi, not her hand. Saavi wipes her hand and says it’s okay since the soup is cold. Virat realizes it’s his imagination and wonders how he can hold Sai’s hand when Pakhi promised him not to leave her hand.


She spoils Sai’s rangoli and says this house belongs to her and she is her DIL, so only she has the right to decorate it for festival. Sai taunts that when one pays attention to destroying someone else’s life, they cannot correct their own life for fear of something bad happening to them. She fails to correct the rangoli design.

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