Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th March 2023, Written Update on

Blindfolded Vinu walks towards Pakhi during a game. Pakhi gets happy, but a boy pushes him aside. He heads towards Sai. Bhavani hopes he will visit his true mother Sai. Vinu hugs Sai and calls her mamma. Sai feels immensely happy and Pakhi feels immensely frustrated as a photographer snaps their pictures.

Ashwini scolds her and says she can’t call a mistake motherly affection. Pakhi calls Vinu, but the host says she can’t call him. Bhavani says at last Vinu’s heart identified his real mother. Karishma says she is right, Vinu’s heart did identify his real mother. The host says they are disqualified since Vinu removed his blindfold and his mother broke the rules. The host says Savi is the winner since she identified her mother first. Everyone applauds her. Savi thanks God for letting her son hug her.

The photographer shows Sai and Vinu’s photo to Ajay Kamble, who thinks Sai’s weakness is her son, and he must kill Sai by breaking her parrot’s neck. Sai walks on the street smiling, remembering Vinu hugging her. She notices a man following her in a blanket. Sai picks up a stick and trashes him harshly, thinking he was Kamble’s man. Constables run to her and plead for the man to be spared. Sai continues. Virat removes his blanket and reveals he is Virat, who came to see if the constables were protecting her properly.

Sai asks why he was acting like a thief. Constables ask whether they passed the test or not. Virat says he will make their report and sends them away. Sai and Virat’s nokh jhok continues. He asks her to first-aid him like a doctor. She asks him to behave like a policeman and takes him along. Savi sits sadly in the car while returning home with Bhavani and Sonali. Bhavani asks why she is frowning like a balloon. Savi says she wanted to go with Vinu Dada. Bhavani offers her 2000 rupees as a reward for her win. Then Savi asks her what she is going to do with the money since she already gave her 2000 rupees earlier.

In response to Sonali’s question, Bhavani suggests to Savi that she take her parents and Vinu dada out for dinner tonight and pay the bill with her 4000 Rs. Savi says masta masta, that is a good idea. Sonali sits with her mouth wide open. Sai is writhing in pain as Virat returns home.

Seeing Ashwini’s concern, Virat jokes that a wild cat attacked him. Sai looks at him angrily. Ashwini asks Virat if Sai hit him. Virat says he was just joking, minor injuries are part of the job. Savi walks ready in a beautiful dress to Virat ready and asks him to lift her up. Virat cannot lift her because of pain. In order to celebrate her victory, Savi wants a dinner date with her parents and Vinu dada. Virat agrees. With her emotional talk, Sai is convinced.

Virat walks to Vinu and tells him that they are going out to dinner with Savi. Pakhi comes in and asks if Sai will also come. Virat says yes. Vinu refuses to go with Savi. Virat says he will sit with Sai. Pakhi refuses to allow Virat to take Vinu with Sai and mentally harass him. Virat denies her allegations. Pakhi walks away refusing to give Vinu permission.

Virat gives a gift box with a sari to Savi at a restaurant and asks him to give it to Sai. She asks why he would give Sai a gift when she won a game. Virat convinces her. Sai joins them. She gives her a gift box. Sai asks when did she buy it when she came with her. Savi says she bought it earlier. Sai asks what is inside. Sai insists she accepts that her baba brought it.

During the festival, Pakhi spoils Sai’s rangoli and says that the house belongs to her as her DIL, so only she has the right to decorate it. Sai taunts her for failing to correct the rangoli design. When a person spends his/her attention on destroying someone else’s life, they cannot correct their own lives fearing that they will suffer something.

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