Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th April 2023 Written Update on

Silently, he approaches the Naxals and discreetly informs his team about his strategy to confront them. Meanwhile, Virat readies himself with weapons, adopting a commando-style stance. The leader of the Naxals issues a threat to the captured cadets, asserting that the entire spectacle is not intended to rescue them, but rather to gain attention from the world. The leader explains that they have a few unmet demands from the government, and therefore, the captives should be prepared for the possibility of death.

Virat throws a stone at the bus. The head sends an aide to check. Aide says he will shoot them all with one order. The head asks cadets if they are prepared to die.

The leader instructs one of the cadets to inspect the bus following Virat’s elimination of an aide. The cadet cautiously steps out and calls out to check if anyone is present. Seizing the opportunity, Virat swaps his uniform with the cadet and aims at the naxal leader, firing a shot. However, the Naxal head manages to escape and retaliates by shooting back at Virat. As the bullet strikes his shoulder, Virat collapses to the ground.

Paakhi, overwhelmed with sadness, reminisces about Virat’s departure to meet Sai and the subsequent news of his encounter with the Naxals. Sensing her despair, Ashwini approaches Paakhi and encourages her to have faith in God, assuring her that He will safeguard Virat. Paakhi embraces Ashwini tightly in a heartfelt hug.

Both of them observe Saavi playing with a matchbox and caution her against playing with fire. Harini tells them not to worry because she is watching Saavi. Saavi presents them with notes intended for Bappa, requesting His protection for her father. She mentions her plan to send the notes via Chinese lanterns to Bappa. Paakhi expresses her willingness to assist Saavi, while Karishma and Mohit join them, offering their support as well. Together, they release the lanterns into the sky, symbolizing their collective prayers and hopes.

The ambulance of Sai’s team breaks down on the way to Naxal. He asks the driver if they have reached Naxal. The driver says they are three kilometres away. Sai tells him to repair the ambulance as soon as possible. Satya says they are three kilometres from the camp when an officer calls and asks if they have reached Naxal.

The officer asks him to hurry up as many officers, including a senior officer, have been severely injured. Sai asks for the name of the senior officer, which is DCP Virat Chavan. Hearing that, Sai feels drowsy and runs towards the area. Dr Satya follows her behind. She keeps running, throwing her footwear away and injuring her feet.

A police officer shows her Virat’s tent. She runs towards it calling Virat. Virat comes out. She hugs him and asks if he is okay.

Sai asks what about the blood on Virat’s shoulder. Virat says it is fake blood to fool Datta Konke. Sai cries and says she was concerned about him.

Virat notices Sai’s bleeding feet and nurses them while scolding her. Sai looks at him. Kaise Mujhe Tum Milgayi plays in the background.


Sai holds Virat’s hand and says he is in love with her, wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and wants to make her his wife again.

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