Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

He requests Sai to listen to him once. The commissioner calls and asks where he is. Virat says he is off duty and out on some personal work and asks if there is anything important as Inspector Kadam has missed a call. The newly recruited cadets of the police force were travelling through a naxal-infested area when they were seized by the naxals. The commissioner has requested Virat to swiftly reach the location and undertake their rescue operation.

Sai nods okay. Virat says he wants to tell Sai about his life’s biggest decision, but not in this situation. Virat promises to save them safely. Sai arrives home and watches the news, which reveals that Virat has been assigned a perilous mission to rescue police cadets from Naxals alongside Chavan.

She asks Sai if Virat was with her before going on a mission and if she told him anything. Sai says Virat was with her and wanted to tell her something, but got the police commissioner’s call and went on a mission before that. Bhavani thinks Virat wouldn’t have expressed his heart to Sai then if he had met her and where he met her. Vinu switches off the TV and runs to his room after seeing police and Naxals fighting.

As Virat prepares for the mission, he thinks fate is destined to unite him with Sai if he returns safely after completing the missing. Sai thinks of what Virat wants to tell her. Vinu sleeps with Virat’s photo. Paakhi recalls Virat getting out of the house to meet Sai and thinking of what he wants to say, what is in his mind when he meets Sai.

As Naxal threatens cadets, he says that if the government doesn’t release some of his group members and instead sends police to retaliate, he’ll kill them all. Shooting begins. Inspector Sawant is wounded.

He is taken away by the team and reaches Virat. He asks someone to take Sawant to the hospital. He urges others not to shoot and to stay in hiding until he orders. The Naxal head threatens to kill them all if they do not fulfil his demands within 24 hours.

Satya walks to Sai, who tells him Vira wanted to tell him something last night when he got a call and left on a mission. Sai watches the news of policemen being severely injured. Since he spent so much time with her, Virat understands her well.

Injured officers need medical help, and they should reach there to assist them. Sai agrees. While en route, Sai contacts Ninad to inform him that she and her medical team will be present in the Naxal-affected area to provide assistance to injured officers.

As Ninad agrees, he informs his family. Paakhi asks if Sai has gone where Virat is now. Bhavani asks if Sai shouldn’t go where Virat is. Despite her words, Paakhi says she did not mean that, and that Sai always saved Virat’s life, and she is confident that Sai will protect him this time as well.

Satya says she is worried for Virat now and won’t let him express his emotions close to her. Sai says emotions don’t understand situations. Nurses discuss how everyone fears losing loved ones, whether they are doctors or police.

He gets a call from a commissioner, asking him if they should abort the mission as 9 policemen are already injured. Virat says they can’t back off because of fear of life and will attack the terrorists at night. Virat scolds the subordinate for asking.


During a face-off with a terrorist, Virat is shot. When Sai reaches there, he stands stunned.

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