Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan and Savi’s Bond Strengthens Amidst Lockdown Drama


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

She has the talent and courage to achieve her goals but no one to guide her. Ishan says she should hire someone who has passed the IAS exam and cleared it; he passed the exam but not the interview. Ishan tells Savi he just wanted to prove that someone from Bhosale Institute could clear the IAS exam, and he achieved this by teaching at Bhosale Institute. Savi asks if he will help her pass the exam.

In response to Ishan’s request, Savi says yes. He asks if she will accept him as his mentor and follow his instructions. He asks if she can unlearn all her past learnings and be a blank canvas for him to create a better future. Savi accepts. Ishan ties a holy thread on her wrist and promises to let her achieve her goal and dream. To assure her not to divert her attention and focus only on her goal, he asks her to promise not to disappoint him. He shakes his hand with her.

He finds Ishan’s car at the hostel. Savi tells Ishan that Isha has always supported her in every step of her life and is her mentor. Ishan is just like his mother, so he should understand that his mother is not bad. Ishan says she is good for the world but really a bad mother. Savi says his mother is very loving, and he should try to understand her. Ishan recalls getting upset when she asked him the same question before. Savi asks him not to get upset again.

Upon reaching Savi’s room, Shantanu knocks on the door. Ishan also says he is stuck in the room. Shantanu asks him what he is doing in the girl’s hostel now. Once he is out, Ishan says he will tell us. Savi asks Shantanu for a screwdriver. He calls Shukla and asks him to bring a toolbox to the girl’s hostel. After that, he calls Nishi and tells him to let Surekha know that Ishan is stuck in Savi’s hostel room and he will return home with Ishan soon.

She informs Surekha of the same. Surekha asks how Ishan is doing in Savi’s room. Nishi asks if he fell in love with Savi. Surekha says girls like Savi trap rich boys like Ishan, and she will punish Isha’s puppet there. The problem will worsen if they go there, Nishi says. Let Ishan return home, and they will figure out what to do next. Shukla brings a toolbox. Shantanu throws a screwdriver in through a door passage.

Ishan tries to unscrew the lock. Savi says that’s not the right way. Their nok jhok starts. Shantanu asks them to stop fighting and open the door. Ishan breaks the lock open and continues to argue with Savi. Shukla falls into the room as the door opens. Savi lifts him up. Shantanu asks what Ishan is doing in Savi’s room. Ishan informed that Savi’s door was not locking, and he came to assist her, but the door was locked.

Savi and Ishan’s bickering resumes prompt Shantanu to intervene. He reminds Ishan that it’s time to head back home. However, Ishan says they can’t leave until the faulty door lock is repaired. Shukla assures him that he will take care of it first thing in the morning and sends them on their way. Upon arriving at their house, Surekha questions why Ishan visited Savi’s room. In response, Ishan explains the entire situation to her. Surekha suggests that he should have sought Shukla’s help for Savi instead. Shantanu adds that the problem originated from Shukla’s forgetfulness in fixing the lock. Ishan explains the events further.


Yashwant says Ishan won’t agree to marry because of Reeva. Ishan tells Surekha not to worry about his marriage as he has already found a girl and shows Savi’s picture to Surekha.

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