Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai: Tensions Rise as Nandini Faces Family Expectations | 1st April 2024 Episode Update

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Jalpa inquires if Nandini manages household chores alone or if they have hired help. Upon hearing this, Chanchal interrupted, and Nandini responded that hiring assistance is only done when necessary or affordable. Additionally, the five of them are capable of managing their tasks. Jalpa points out that there are only four of them, but Nandini clarifies she also included Surbhi, who is considered their cow “mother.” Chanchal comments on Nandini’s uniqueness compared to women in today’s society, while Kinjil adds that it explains why Naren bhai proposed to her.

The individual displays the cards, mentioning the three thousand price. Hemraj inquires Dhawal’s opinion, to which he responds that it is too expensive. Virel adds that during Ronaq’s marriage, inflation was not as high. Hemraj recalls only checking the designs back then and doing the same now. As the lawyer approaches with a deed, Hemraj requests him to leave since he is on his way. The lawyer obliges and advises Dhawal and Virel to decide what should accompany the card and its design. Hemraj directs the lawyer to go to Upleta to meet Mehul, their employee, who will obtain Ishwar and Manri’s signatures in the designated spots marked with a cross.

Virel instructs the individual to depart and have eight hundred cards made with the chosen design. Dhawal mentions his involvement in Jigar’s marriage but now claims his son is getting married. Virel remarks on Ronaq’s budget-friendly wedding, adding that their father left no inheritance and Hemraj built the empire. They have no hopes for it. Dhawal suggests that Virel follow suit and stay idle, but Virel exits without a word. Jigar attempts to soothe Dhawal, but he remains unmoved.

When Kinjil shows Nandini the saree, she gets worried when she sees the price. Manri tells Ishwar how their sarees will look compared to these when they are so expensive. Nandini sits down and tells Chanchal that she cannot afford these sarees. Chanchal tells Nandini not to worry because she will look great in all of them. Jalpa tells Manri that they have brought Nandini so much, but she should also show her what they bought.

Manri requests Ishwar retrieve the dresses, which he then presents to them. Upon viewing the garments, Heta compliments their quality and credits Nandini’s taste. Jalpa selects the fabric but expresses dissatisfaction with its price of nine thousand. She kindly suggests they show any other purchases, if available. Jalpa confirms that this is their entire purchase. Chanchal remarks on Manri’s classic style and believes Nandini will look stunning because individual beauty matters most.

While Hemraj asks Jigar to take Naren’s help, Jigar says he did not come to the office when Hemraj said to call him, so Jigar mentions Naren did not answer. Hemraj explains Naren did not answer his call and then angrily asks where Ronaq is, and Jigar informs him that he did not arrive. In an angry response, Hemraj asks Virel if this is an office or a garden and warns him to control his son, but Jigar thinks he can’t control his son but is advising others instead.

During the call, Virel says it is going engaged so that Ronaq might be talking to someone. Jigar ponders as he picks up Ronaq’s phone while he’s sleeping.

Manri requests Nandini to give them a tour of her room while she prepares for lunch. Chanchal tries to decline, but Manri insists they see it. Once inside, Jalpa is pleasantly surprised by the extensive collection of books and questions if they are purely for decoration. Chanchal reminds her to think before speaking. Jalpa then shows Nandini some jewelry, causing her to become anxious. Chanchal steps in and offers to help Nandini choose which necklace to wear. Jalpa mentions that it is worth forty lacs. Kinjil suggests they introduce Nandini to their aunt, prompting Jalpa and Heta to join them. However, Heta dislikes how Jalpa openly mentioned the price tag. Jalpa apologizes for her mistake.

Manri asks Mitesh to fetch the yogurt. As Kinjil joins them, she compliments how delicious it looks. Mitesh agrees, and Kinjil excitedly shares the news with everyone. Surprised, Nandini returns to look. Chanchal admires the jewelry and asks for Nandini’s opinion. Nandini informs them that all the sets are beautiful, but she only needs one Mangal Sutur. Chanchal retorts that she didn’t come all this way just for one piece of jewelry.

As Mitesh walks into the room, he announces he has brought a surprised person to be the judge. Naren follows suit, mentioning that Nandini will wear the Lehanga. Chanchal remarks how easy it was despite taking them two hours. Heta suggests they leave for Rajkot while Manri joins in, explaining that she has cooked food for them but only needs to fry something. Kinjil offers to help Nandini cook, but Jalpa interjects, stating that she should not risk getting the expensive saree dirty. Nandini reassures everyone that she can handle it on her own. Chanchal is impressed when Manri proudly shares that she even pushed her out of the kitchen.


As Mehul takes the paper from Surbhi, Nandini apologizes, explaining that she didn’t see the papers outside so Surbhi ate them, Hemraj becomes furious at Ishwar, asking how Nandini can be so careless.

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