Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2023 Written Update: Armaan’s Secret Marriage Unravels Family Drama

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Vidya asks Armaan if he is married. He betrayed her. Armaan says he cannot betray her. Vidya says he hides the truth from him. Armaan says he married her today. Armaan asks Vidya if he missed his brother’s wedding to marry her. It was a sudden event, Armaan says. His chacha says the best lawyer is secretly married. Kaveri says that her relationship with him is over today. Rohith asks her not to say such things. Vidya asks him to shut up. He shouldn’t interfere with them today.

Kaveri expressed her fury towards him, stating that he had brought a bratty spoiler into their home as a daughter-in-law. Abhira said she couldn’t accept it, prompting Manisha to suggest giving that title to their uncle instead. Manoj chimed in, telling her to remain quiet, adding that he could call Abhira a gold digger. He reminded everyone that she had been running a resort until recently and was suddenly married into the family. Abhira defended herself, explaining that the circumstances had forced her to marry him. However, he continued to accuse her of being a gold digger who had trapped Armaan. Defending herself once again, Abhira asked them to consider things from her perspective and see if they could understand where she was coming from.

Armaan reminds him to choose his words carefully while speaking with his wife. Abhira points out that they may not be viewing the situation accurately. Kaveri accuses them of setting a trap for him. Armaan praises her for saving his life, as he would not have survived otherwise. She was willing to sacrifice herself in the process. Sadly, she expressed concern for their daughter on her deathbed. Vidya questions why he married her if he didn’t want to take responsibility for caring for her. He asks how he could deny her wish at that critical moment. It’s a matter of maintaining their family’s reputation. Despite Kaveri’s disapproval, he stands by his decision to bring his now-wife into their household.

Armaan’s wife, Abhira, is reminded of Armaan telling her to study hard and become a successful lawyer. She knows she is a guest in this house and convinces herself of it. As Rohith places the rice pot, Abhira accidentally nudges it while Ruhi recalls her mistake during the Grahpravesh ceremony. They all should remember to show respect towards the Lakshmi of this house, as Armaan had asked Kajal to perform the Grahpravesh for them. Vidhya had already left when Kajal brought Arathi to them.

Abhira leaves her footprint there. The tortoise statue falls by mistake. She remembers how she broke Armaan’s car with this. She gives it to Armaan as a return gift. They take blessings from Kajal. Manisha says they will accept her as soon as possible. Cousins hug Abhira with joy. Rohith asks them to let Abhira rest. Vidhya tells Kaveri that she never thought Armaan would betray her. Kaveri recalls the way Abhira insulted her.

Rohith pleads for her to cease. As a member of this household, she holds a position of respect and responsibility. If Akshara had not intervened, Armaan would not be alive today. Vidya urges him to cease, stating that such thoughts are unthinkable. Abhira sacrificed her mother’s life to save him, and she deserves gratitude rather than mistreatment. They must welcome her grandly. Kaveri shares that she cannot accept her presence. Kajal’s husband had raised his hand against her, leading his mother to intervene in the situation. Armaan and Abhira retire to their room, and Ruhi takes notice of their absence.

Ruhi asks Armaan if he lied to the family. Armaan tells her he won’t play with death.

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