Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2023 on

Akshara starts the episode by saying Abhir is my son and Abhinav’s son, and Abhimanyu cannot alter this truth. Abhimanyu panics. She recalls Abhi’s words. She cries. Other cars get blocked by her. The man says side your car, traffic is jammed, get out. He sits crying. Ward boys and a guard come to take him.

Kairav multitasks, engrossed in his work while conversing with a girl over the phone. Muskaan interrupts, urgently requesting printouts. As she approaches, she overhears Kairav’s conversation. With a tinge of longing, Muskaan pleads, “Please spare some time for me, just like you do with that girl. I saw you with her, and you appeared genuinely happy. Tell me, do you have feelings for her?” Muskaan smiles, reminiscing about their shared moments. Kairav reflects for a moment and admits that he believes he likes the other girl.

Abhinav asks what happened. She says no, you say anything. She goes. Abhimanyu comes home and recalls Akshara’s words. He remembers a past moment. He says Maa, my twins are coming, I’ll be the best papa in the world. She smiles. She asks Abhimanyu what happened, if everything is fine if you went to Goenka’s house, what happened. Abhimanyu cries and hugs her.

Akshara says how will I hide this big matter, I will tell Abhinav everything, but Abhimanyu won’t sit still, he’ll spoil everything. She sees a traffic jam and drives ahead. The man asks her to take the car aside, otherwise, he will call the police. She stops seeing a car in front. She falls over. Manjiri goes to Akshara and pulls her out of the car. Akshara worries.

I pulled you out of the car because the smoke was coming out, so you should be careful, the driver has stopped the car, and you’ll have to leave tomorrow, did anything happen then? I am sure you are taking Abhir to the US; I can never think bad of him, I feel like I have a deep connection with him, I can never forgive you, but I can promise you I will pray for your son, and I hope he gets better soon.

Abhimanyu thinks Akshara didn’t tell Maa anything, but why? Abhimanyu believes I can’t tell Maa, I can’t let my junior down, I have to fight for his junior first. When Akshara gets home, she finds I love you my son balloons. She says only Abhinav can love Abhir so much, your father is the best. Abhir says no, the doctor got the balloons. She is shocked to see Abhimanyu.

Abhinav gets medicines. Surekha says Akshara is seeing him like a ghost. He says he left from the puja, that is why. Abhir is delighted to see Abhimanyu, Manish says. Abhimanyu says I came for him. Akshara thinks I’m overthinking. Abhimanyu takes Abhir in his arms. He says I’ll see you. Manish says he should spend time with Abhir. Abhir says yes. They go upstairs. Akshara looks on. Abhimanyu smiles seeing Abhir. Tera asar… plays… They play.

I want my hair to not be touched by Abhir. He smiles. He touches Abhir’s hair. Abhimanyu tells Abhinav that he is really my son. Akshara is viewed by Abhinav. Abhir says you are the best, I know we are going to the US for my surgery, and everyone is preparing, I don’t want to go, I feel scared, how will Mum and Dad manage alone, let me know I don’t go to the US, do some magic that we stay here.

Manish asks Akshara what happened. She leaves. He watches. Abhir asks how the plan will be cancelled. Abhimanyu says I have a magic trick; I won’t let you go anywhere. When Akshara arrives, her dad is waiting for you to give him the medicine. Abhimanyu tells her to take the medicine and come back; I’m afraid of your mother. Abhir leaves.

She declares, “Abhir belongs to both Abhinav and me. He will not go to the US, that’s the final decision. I will ensure his treatment happens here. I’ll come tomorrow.”. Abhimanyu says Abhir won’t go to US. She says her attempts are futile. They fight. She says Abhir is Abhinav and mine. He says Abhir won’t go to US, that’s final, I’ll do his treatment here.

No need to come, we’re going tomorrow. He says I’ll get anything if I get stubborn; you know what happens when I get adamant. He leaves. She worries.

The precap:

Abhimanyu comes and says he will not marry until Abhir’s surgery takes place. Manjiri asks why you are so concerned about him. He says it is because he is my…

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