Anupama 1st May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

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As soon as Anuj confesses his love for her, Anupama gratefully thanks God. Anuj reads a poem explaining how he poured his heart out after a long time. Paakhi thanks him and says she knows he and mummy cannot live without each other. He agrees to accompany her to mummy, so she can get a surprise. Maaya says he can’t go.

In response to Paakhi’s question, Maaya says Little Anu will have a parent-teacher meeting tomorrow, and they must attend. Paakhi says that parent-teacher meetings happen every month, but not for Anuj and mummy. Because she is not yet a parent, Maaya says that she won’t understand it; a father’s concern is a daughter’s happiness.

Although Paakhi doesn’t agree that any parent-teacher meeting is more important than the matter of life, she advises Anuj to attend, but make sure he is not late. She says she will meet Little Anu and leave.

In her words, Paakhi warns Maaya that her evil act and one-sided love won’t work very well. It is said that the job she was doing has a stereotype and that such women are already referred to as home breakers and husband stealers, and she shouldn’t prove people right with her cheap acts. It appears that Maaya is thinking about herself, according to her.

In Hasmukh’s words, love is pure and pious, like a river that finds its way wherever it can; a path connects Anupama and Anuj’s heart and no Vanraj, Leela, Barkha, or Maaya can block it. Kinjal says Anuj and Anupama will reunite soon. Vanraj and Leela frown.

As she tells Leela about Dimple and Samar’s wedding, Anupama says Dimple may not be her favourite, but Samar loves Dimple and she is okay with them marrying for her son’s happiness; when Vanraj-Kavya, Kinjal-Toshu, Paakhi-Adhik, Anuj-Anupama can marry according to their choice, why can’t Dimple and Samar; Leela should bless them for a prosperous life.

Anupama confronts Vanraj, stating that Anuj genuinely loves her and questions why he abandoned her. She compares their situation to her grandfather’s old gramophone, which used to get stuck but kept playing in its own dreamlike state. Anuj chuckles and points out that even Anupama recognizes her own insecurities. He acknowledges that he left her for Little Anu, and now his conscience has stirred, making him crave a return to her. However, Anupama understands there is no guarantee of his commitment.

It doesn’t matter what kind of creature he is, there is no guarantee of anything in life; trust is earned, and Anuj earned it, so Anupama will trust him forever; Anuj has never betrayed her, and will never do so in the future.

Anupama says she trusts Anuj and his love and when he has promised, he will come for sure, says Kavya. A man who has never gained someone’s trust cannot comprehend that. Leela says Anuj’s aarti and mantra should be performed when he comes, so why is she doing it right now?

Leela says she should tell her son who is chanting Anuj’s mantra about this. Anupama says she should tell him. Kavya says Anupama is saying the same, but Leela and her son were diverting the topic, and when Anupama shut their mouth with her befitting replies, they are creating unnecessary drama.

Leela warns her to shut up. Hasmukh asks Leela to shut up now. Leela says Kavya is misbehaving. Kavya says the truth hurts. Anupama says stop now. Hasmukh asks Samar and Dimpy if they want to get married. Vanraj says the question should be whether they will be able to manage their wedding since it seems like their marriage won’t survive based on their fights.

Anupama says Vanraj is right that marrying is easy, but managing it is difficult; if their egos clash, their wedding will be ruined; respect is important in marriage; if they fight, they cannot continue their relationship.

Vanraj claims that if children are happy and compatible, parents would go to great lengths to support their marriage, even willing to sell their kidneys. However, if children are ill-mannered, stubborn, and domineering, no parent would take responsibility. He states that even Anupama agrees that Dimple lacks manners and Samar has a short temper. While they may get married, there’s no guarantee that their marriage will last even a year. Considering his responsibility towards his family, Vanraj refuses to waste his hard-earned money on such a marriage.

Leela advises Samar that the bride and groom should share the wedding expenses, questioning who will bear Dimple’s expenses. Dimple responds that she doesn’t need to worry as long as Anupama covers her expenses. Anuj assures that he will take care of Dimple’s wedding expenses as a promise, relieving Anupama of any concerns.

Despite Anupama’s favours, Leela says Dimple will never acknowledge them and disrespect them always. Vanraj says Anuj took responsibility and did not mention bearing expenses. Dimple says she knows he will. Hasmukh says together they can manage this wedding. Anupama says let’s forget about it.

As Samar falls to her feet and apologizes, Anupama stops him. Samar continues to apologize and talks about her sacrifices and love. Anupama hugs him and comforts him as he continues to apologize for her. With great difficulty, Samar forgot about his past love and started afresh; if even this love had broken, he would have broken; he continues to thank her for her efforts.

Anuj thanks God for strength for moving on and prays to protect Anupama, Samar, and Dimpy’s marriage. Maaya feels tense hearing that. Dimple apologizes to Anupama and says she made many mistakes.

The precap:

Kavya tells Vanraj that Anuj will come and respectfully take Anupama home soon. Vanraj says he has not yet arrived. Maaya decides not to allow Anuj to return to Anupama.


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