Anupama 10th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Defends Cultural Respect & Faces Shocking Accusation

Anupama written update

Anupama 10th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama inquired the reporter about what was said earlier. The Reporter responds by questioning how Indians can consume food using their hands. Anupama explains that it is a tradition rooted in devotion, as meals and devotional songs begin with invoking God’s name. She emphasizes that rather than using utensils, they remove obstacles in their path and do not place forks on the table. Anupama asserts that just as they respect the Reporter’s culture, their culture should also be respected. She offers to have her boss translate if there is any confusion. Furthermore, she cordially invites the reporter to taste their food. The reporter then sits down to eat, and Anupama gives her a spoon. However, the reporter prefers to use her hands. Baa praises Anupama for remaining respectful towards their customs.

The Goons threaten Toshu. Toshu calls Pari’s school and asks if Angel is okay with that. The teacher answers yes and says someone has picked Angel up from school. When Toshu falls on the goons’ feet, he asks them not to hurt his daughter, saying she is too tiny to be injured. In search of Toshu, Anuj finds him and comes there. He says I scolded him unnecessarily. The goons warn Toshu and leave. The model’s diamonds catch his eye.

Anuj admires Anu’s magical qualities and praises her silently. Anupama catches him looking at her, and Anuj receives a call, prompting him to leave the room. He asks Aadhya to calm down as she explains that Shru fainted after receiving her father’s ring from the police. Anuj promises to join them as soon as the event is over. Meanwhile, Toshu is informed that the diamond locker can now be opened. He heads to retrieve the jewelry while models showcase it on the ramp. As Toshu opens the locker, he recalls Kinjal’s advice and decides to make amends with his mother by placing a diamond in her purse. Startled by his presence, Anupama asks what he is doing there.

Toshu mentioned that he could not bring anything with him due to his work commitments. Anupama kindly serves him food and feeds him with her hands. She regrets accusing him of being a thief and admits she is proud of his dedication. Toshu becomes emotional and apologizes before announcing that he must leave. Vanraj notices Toshu’s distress, but before he can intervene, the security bell rings. The police arrive and instruct everyone to gather in the hall as they close all the exit gates. Curious, Vanraj and Yashdeep inquire about the situation.

The Police officer has discovered that the most expensive jewelry is missing and has announced that they will conduct individual checks. Anuj arrives and apologizes to Mr. Zaveri, who expresses his disdain for the situation. Upon seeing this, Anupama discreetly signals for Anuj not to worry. The security check commences, and Toshu patiently waits for Anupama’s turn. Once it arrives, her bag is thoroughly examined by the Police, who then inform her that she can go. However, Toshu witnesses as the Police officer suddenly remembers to check the side pocket and uncovers the missing necklace. Shocked by this discovery, he orders for her arrest.


Anupama tells the Inspector she is not a thief. She is locked in the PS. Yashdeep attempts to arrange her bail. Anuj comes to meet Anupama and sees how distressed she is.

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