Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Update: Aadhya’s Party Plans

Anupama written update

Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In a hug to Ishani, Adhik apologizes to Baa for not calling me back. I saw Pakhi’s social media and found out she was here, so I visited her. He says I called her many times, but she didn’t answer his calls. Pakhi divorced me even though I met all her wishes, and he says I am sorry I haven’t complained about her. He tells Ishani he missed her. Baa says Pakhi left him by mistake.

By separating father and daughter, Kavya says she has sinned. Baa asks Adhik to spend time with his daughter. Shruti looks at Anupama’s cooking skills and calls Anuj. Anuj hears the background music and asks who is listening. Shruti says Joshi Ben has cooked a lot of dishes in a short amount of time. She says you have to meet him today. Anuj gets restless when he hears he is coming.

Ishani plays with Adhik, and Baba, Kavya, and Dimpy watch. Kavya says that not all women are victims and that sometimes, even men are victims. Dimpy says that many fathers miss their children. She feels pity for him. Pakhi comes there and takes Ishani to her side. She says women who are separated from their husbands separate fathers from their children to take revenge on them.

In response to Aadhya’s question about the food, Shruti says it’s impressive and asks her to check it out. Shruti checks the doorbell. Aadhya sees Anupama and thinks Pops and Anupama cannot meet. She sees Shruti talking to the servants and calls Anuj. Anuj says I will be there in 10 minutes. She asks him not to come before she picks up her jacket from the dry cleaner. In this case, Anuj asks her to inform Shruti of his late arrival.

She asks him to leave and asks him to stop touching Ishani. Adhik says he is her father, not a stranger. Pakhi says you’ll yearn to see her. Baa asks why you’re doing this and says you’re doing something wrong to Adhik. Adhik pleads before him, saying he wants to see Ishani once a month. Pakhi tells him to leave, or else she will call the police. Adhik asks her to listen as she pushes him to leave.

Aadhya’s friends arrive with gifts as the song “Ladkiyan” plays. Aadhya stumbles into Anupama, who has entered the room. Anuj reminds everyone that Aadhya can be intense and will scold him if he’s late. Pakhi pushes Adhik away and locks the door. Kavya questions Pakhi’s actions, to which she responds by asking why Ishani was allowed to meet Adhik. She blames Ishani for destroying Adhik and vows to make him regret his decision forever. Meanwhile, Adhik stands outside in tears, desperately wanting to see his daughter. He reminds Pakhi that she wanted a divorce, and he did as she asked, so why is she punishing him now?

“Anupama greets her daughter, Aadhya, who then shares the news with her friends that Pops and my Shru are getting married. She mentions how deeply he loves Shru and how much love Shru has for her despite not being her biological mother. Aadhya adds that although some women may adopt children but struggle to accept them, Shru acts as a mother without pretending and truly cares for us. When Shruti asks what happened, Aadhya responds that she is just stating the facts. She also mentions how Shru always makes time for Pops and herself and proceeds to hug Shruti. Anupama fondly remembers Choti as Aadhya expresses gratitude for having someone like Shru who prioritizes their happiness above all else. Everyone applauds, including Anupama.”

In his response, Pakhi says you could have taken over the company after Anuj left. As Anuj sold his company, he asked what to do. Pakhi says you have no inhibitions or dreams. He says we also stayed together then, but you didn’t want to stay with me. Pakhi says you’re a loser, and I don’t want my daughter to become like you. Kavya and Dimpy feel bad for Adhik.

Anuj returns home with a cheerful greeting, but it is just Aadhya’s imagination. Anupama then instructs the servants to serve appetizers to the kids. Shortly after, Aadhya receives a message from Anuj saying he will arrive in 10 minutes. She takes this opportunity to ask him to bring a cheesecake from a distant bakery. Anuj hesitates, which would mean going in the opposite direction, but eventually agrees and checks if Joshi Ben is still around. Aadhya invites him to come and see for himself while she considers sending Anupama instead. However, Shruti intervenes and insists on meeting Anuj herself. After some hesitation, Anupama agrees, and this unexpected turn of events takes aback Aadhya.


Aadhya shouts stop, collapses, and falls. Anuj hears this and runs. Anupama comes out of the house, and Anuj follows.

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