Shiv Shakti (Zee) 5th October 2023 Written Episode: Shiv’s Life in Danger as Mandira Plots

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Mandira directs Ranjan to bring Shiv to the storeroom. Shakti notices her conversing with Ranjan and remembers her playful ways. She assumes that Mandira must have deceived Raghunath not to recognize Shiv. I need to speak with Shiv. Just then, Dadi arrives and escorts her away from there. Manorama suggests Dadi put on mehndi, but she declines, stating that she hasn’t applied it since her husband’s passing. Shakti questions why, and Dadi explains that it is a family tradition. Shakti insists that her late husband would not want her to be sad, as he still resides in her heart. She urges Dadi to apply Mehndi and celebrate him instead. Shiv and the others grin upon hearing this.

Shakti mentions that Dada may disapprove of your decision to stop living and find happiness. It would be best to honor him by celebrating your love. Upon hearing this, Shiv is upset. However, Dadi agrees to have Shakti apply Mehndi on her hands. As Shiv begins feeling dizzy, Padma rushes over and asks if he is alright. She then urges him to go home with her, leading him away from the group.

Meanwhile, Mandira tells Raghunath that Shakti is a kind girl. But when she sees Padma taking Shiv away, she stops her and inquires about their destination. Shiv assures everyone that he is fine and walks off with Padma. Mandira warns Padma not to interfere, or she will face the consequences with her son. She adds that they will have nowhere to go if they continue causing trouble and should stay quiet.

Mandira notices Ranjan eyeing Shakti and promptly instructs him to locate Shiv. Take advantage of this opportunity. Have Shiv meet you in the storeroom within 10 minutes. As Shakti watches Mandir and Ranjan go, she tries to follow them but is stopped by Dadi, who asks her to apply Mehndi. The girl asks whom I should write to. Who holds a special place in your heart? A blush creeps up on Shakti’s face as she envisions Shiv. Rimjhim sadly looks at Keertan and confesses that she cannot write his name, but he remains in her heart. Dadi whispers to the girl to secretly inscribe Shiv’s name on Shakti’s hand.

She places the box in the storeroom and says it will destroy Shiv. She leaves there, and Ranjan comes to her. She says it’s your turn. He nods and thinks I’ll do my work first. I don’t know what her plan is, but I intend to kill Shiv and make Shakti mine.

Upon entering the storeroom, Ranjan finds an electric switch and pulls out a live wire. He says this box contains Mandira’s plan, but the cables will kill Shiv. Shiv feels dizzy. Shakti looks around for him and sees him stressed, so she says I need to speak to him. When Mandira sees him, he thinks that his secret will be revealed in the storeroom and that Shakti will hate him.

A live wire is placed on the floor, and Ranjan says he will wear shoes. He places the cables on the chair and turns on the water. Shiv will be electrocuted now, he says. Mandira’s box is there. He is about to open it when she calls. She asks him to take Shiv from here. He leaves.

While Mandira looks around for Ranjan, the girl writes Shiv’s name on Shakti’s hand. As he steals her phone, Ranjan smiles and nods at Shiv. He messages Shiv from the phone to come to the storeroom. Shiv leaves from there. Mandira nods at Ranjan.

Shiv is going to the storeroom, and Mandira keeps an eye on him. When Shiv opens the storeroom, the box falls down. Shiv looks around and sees a water faucet running. Someone pushes Shiv to the floor and locks the storeroom. He is confused, and Mandira is outside, stating that Shiv and Shakti will lose their lives.

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