Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Mandira informs the minister that Shiv is his true foe and urges him to take appropriate action. She abruptly ends the call. Padma expresses concern, asking if they are going too far since Shiv is a relative. Mandira retorts, questioning why an outsider should determine who counts as family. She explains that once a daughter gets married and returns home, she is considered a guest and should not interfere in family affairs, or else risk being expelled. Padma remains silent as Mandira sees Keertan’s mistake as an opportunity to teach Shiv a lesson.

Shiv is beating up the goons in the market. Shakti says today, no one can stop him from doing good or bad. Manorama is going to the market. A goon comes behind Shiv and is about to attack him, but Shakti comes there and holds his stick before the goon can hit Shiv. Shiv stares at her. As she grabs the stick and beats him up, Shiv says when Shiv is with Shakti, nobody can stop them. The goon cries and says please forgive us, or Shiv will kill my people. Shiv keeps beating up people.

Despite shouting at him, Shakti says I have no choice. Shiv is about to beat up a guy, but Shakti rushes to him and hugs him. She asks Shiv to calm down. Manorama comes over and is shocked to see her hugging him. Keertan is angry seeing all that. Manorama thinks he is the guy from the newspaper. It is taunted that they are having an affair and are so shameless that they are showing romance openly. Shakti moves away from Shiv, and he shouts at the people to stop.

Chacha tells Rimjhim that he is concerned about Shakti, Rimjhim thinks she needs to go and help Shakti, and she silently leaves the room.

In the market, Shiv shouts at the people to stop taunting Shakti, as she could have been their mother or daughter. Aren’t they ashamed to be so cowardly? You could have stopped the goons, but you are shameless. During his speech, he tells women that they need to stand up for women, they can become a force against these cheap men, but if they don’t learn to stand up for women, many girls like Shakti will be left powerless. Those goons are filthy, but your thinking is even worse.

You should take a stand for innocent girls and see how Lord will give you strength. Shakti hears him standing up for her and can’t stop staring at him. Keertan thinks he needs to act since Shakti is getting impressed with him. Shiv’s video is made by Rimjhim; she says Shakti’s doctor is a real hero. They see police arriving at the scene, and they go back home with Shakti.

The inspector arrests Shiv and says Shiv needs to come with them. Shiv says he saved me, so you should arrest the goons. The inspector says Shiv should come with us. Shiv is stopped by people who say this is wrong, he didn’t do anything wrong. The inspector asks them to stop, but the people are angry and say you can’t take him. The inspector says we’re taking him to record a statement for the goons.

Taking Shakti aside, Manorama says, “I am not impressed with his speech, he won’t care about going to jail since he comes from a rich family, but who will save you?” As she drags her away, Shakti screams for Shiv. He stares at her as she leaves. He thinks to not forgive Shakti. Shiv is then taken away by the inspector.

Shakti is told to think about herself, he is Shiv Kashyp, so the police won’t do anything with him, but think about who is going to save you. Everyone is shaming you and you were with him.

Shiv is arrested by the inspector. He puts him in the police car and drives away. As Manorama drags Shakti away, she stares at him.


Inspector says it’s difficult to grant bail right now. Manorama asks Shakti did you ask the boy to reject the marriage proposal? Shiv, in jail, is worried about Shakti.

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