Shiv Shakti (Zee) 18th October 2023: Dramatic Confrontations and Life-Altering Decisions Unfold

Shiv Shakti

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Manorama tells Shakti to come home for at least Chacha. He was broken, and if he finds out you are out, he will be completely broken. You broke his trust, and he warned you not to leave. But if he finds out you break his trust again, I will not forgive you if anything happens to him. She ends the call and cries, “Just come home right now.” Rimjhim comforts him.

On the other side, Shakti cries, and Shiv consoles her and says that once Ranjan’s truth is revealed, she will be happy. We have to hurt them a little to keep them from greater pain. Today, Chacha might be hurt, but if Rimjhim marries Ranjan, he will suffer for the rest of his life. Let’s expose Ranjan, and the truth will triumph. Shakti smiles and nods.

Upon arriving at Ranjan’s house, Mandira discovers him sleeping and proceeds to attack him physically. When the rest of the family inquires about the situation, Ranjan is left crying out in agony. Mandira sternly warns that she will not hesitate to file a dowry case against them all. A confused Ranjan pleads his innocence, but Mandira accuses him of attempting to harm her while also threatening to expose her secrets to Shakti. She coldly reminds him that justice will be served as evidence has been found at the factory, implicating him in mistreating a woman. In desperation, Ranjan beseeches her for protection, prompting Mandira to give an ultimatum: if he wants to avoid punishment, he must locate and persuade the victim not to testify against him.

According to Ranjan, Jyoti may have had the ability to incriminate me. However, Mandira and I intervened and saved him at that time. But Shiv will not be lenient towards him. Ranjan reminds them that they assured him of protection and even promised to arrange his marriage with Shakti. His mother expresses disapproval, while Mandira regrets making a deal with him. Now, ensure that Jyoti remains silent about you. As for Shakti, Ranjan is told to handle her first before further action can be taken. With a slap on his face, Ranjan leaves the scene while Mandira informs his family that they must take action.

Rimjhim slaps Manorama and asks why you didn’t stop Shakti from leaving. Chacha can’t find out she is not here. Please go and check on him. Raghunath worries about Shiv and says tomorrow will be difficult for us. Dadi says Shiv and Shakti will not let anything go wrong with us. A crying Manorama asks, “Lord, please have mercy on us, for the problems do not end.”

In her mind, Mandira says that Shakti never loses hope, but tomorrow, she will, too. Her life will be ruined if she marries Ranjan tomorrow. She asks Ranjan’s mother to call Manorama. She does. The panicked Manorama asks Rimjhim what they would like to discuss. Rimjhim takes the call and asks if there is anything important. After speaking with the priest, she said we needed to change the wedding time. They want us to do it in the morning rather than evening.

We will not be able to arrange everything on such short notice, Manorama says. Mandira whispers to push her. Ranjan’s mother says if you don’t change the time, we won’t be able to do this wedding. Manorama says no, no.. the wedding will take place in the morning; just come with the groom. Rimjhim ends the call and she tells Chacha to get ready for the wedding, Chacha can’t find out that Shakti isn’t here. She leaves. Rimjhim tears for Keertan as she leaves.

As per the address, Shiv and Shakti arrive outside Jyoti’s house. She calls Rimjhim and cries. She says they want the wedding to take place in the morning instead of the evening. Please do something if I don’t die. Shiv gets triggered. Shakti tells Rimjhim not to do anything. We have found proof against Ranjan. Rimjhim says you have only one hour left.

Shakti promises we will be there before then. She ends the call. Shiv panics and tells Shakti that I promised Rimjhim to save her. What do we do now? Shakti tells him we are together. I trust you to stop this marriage. Shiv says we don’t have enough time. Shakti says we’re safe because the Lord is with us. Shiv nods and knocks on Jyoti’s door, which she opens to ask, “Shiv, Sir?”

Mandira tells Ranjan’s family to prepare for the wedding. He says they might have already reached Jyoti’s house. I won’t spare Shiv if I don’t get Shakti today. As she says, I hope Ranjan takes care of Jyoti, and I will succeed.

Shiv greets Jyoti and says he is like a god to him and that he gave me another life. Shiv says he has something urgent to speak about. They sit with her. Jyoti starts crying and says she was so scared that Ranjan would violate her, but you saved me in time. Shiv stares on as Shakti thinks Shiv did such a great deed, but he has no memory of it. How is that possible?


Shiv’s brake wire is cut. Rimjhim is waiting for Shakti. Shiv is about to meet an accident on the highway.

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