Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 18th April 2024 Written Episode: Emotional Farewell and New Beginnings

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Nandini walks out, followed by Naren. She embraces Mitesh, who becomes emotional and tears up. She reminds him to take care of their uncle and aunt as he is now responsible for them. As she descends the stairs, Naren calls out to her, but instead, she hugs Ishwar, who also becomes tearful—Nandini motions for him not to cry. Turning to Manri, she reassures her that she will never be a stranger to them. Despite any distance or time between them, this house and family will always hold a special place in her heart and she promises to continue visiting in the future.

As Nandini greets her family members, she turns to Heta Baa to care for her feet while asking Mehul to massage them. After hugging Mehul, he politely asks her to stop, but Nandini insists he takes care of himself and the other relatives present. Nandini makes sure to embrace Vishaka before holding Naren’s hand and heading towards their car. However, she hears the sound of a cow and quickly turns back. Her actions are halted by GantBandhan as Naren approaches with a smile, indicating they will meet Surbhi together. Nandini kisses Surbhi’s head and showers her with love before finally departing.

Then Ronak tells Naini to pack up all of her belongings quickly; otherwise, someone will come, and he even tells her to pack up Roopa’s items. When Naini asks what she should do with the jewellery she received as a gift, he suggests that she put it on the bed. Naini thinks about what Nandini would do with the set since it would look good on her, so she puts it in her bag quickly while then wondering what else to leave along with the empty box.

Nandini places her hand prints on the house’s entrance and hugs Manri, with Chanchal reassuring her that Nandini is going from one mother to another. However, Vishaka interrupts them by bringing the Thali for the final ritual before the Vidai. As Nandini looks back at the house, she throws rice grains behind her while walking away. Despite her tears, she continues to fulfil the ritual with Naren by her side.

As Ronak walks with Naini, he asks her not to be late because they need to meet again soon. Naini says she will see if anything has been left in the kitchen, so she goes there quickly and starts putting everything in the bag. She secretly throws away some of the shells, thinking she must be liable. Upon entering Naren’s room, Naini places her hair on the bed. Ronak asks why it is taking so long, and Naini responds that she will welcome Nandini to this house and bed in a few days.

As Nandini embraces Mitesh tightly, Naren’s emotions also surface. Chanchal reassures Nandini about her brother leaving for Rajkot, causing Nandini to turn to Naren in surprise. Seeing her reaction, Naren assures her that everything will be alright. Jalpa is unable to bear the emotional scene and walks away. As Manri accompanies Nandini towards the car, she catches another glance of Naren, who gestures for her not to cry, assuring her that things are alright. Before getting into the vehicle, Naren whispers something to Mitesh and then asks for Nandini’s hand. With his help, she settles into the car while he bids farewell to everyone. Mitesh also exchanges words with Ishwar and joins them in the car as they depart. Heta Baa and others are left in tears.

The car drove by the farm, and Naren and Naven stepped out. They approached the well with Nandini, where Chanchal invited Hemraj to join them. However, he gestured for her to continue ahead. As Hemraj observed Nandini and Naren bowing before the well, she called out to her mother and expressed her desire for blessings as she began a new chapter in Rajkot. Chanchal acknowledged how Nandini will now have another mother besides her own. Feeling pressed for time, Naven asked if it was time to leave.

As Nandini sits in the car, Manri helps her, and Ishwar stands beside the well, shocked. Ishwar sits beside the well, crying, saying everyone left together, including the sister, the daughter, and the mother. Ishwar is making noises when Manri approaches him, but he cannot comprehend what is happening.

The doctor is checking the sugar level and says that this increases when people are busy with the wedding, but his sugar level increases when he advises him not to take stress. Mehul says only Manri can do it. Manri asks if he thinks his responsibilities ended when Nandini got married and does not think about Mitesh or Manri. Ishwar says they tend to get worried,

Manri prompts Mehul to speak with Ishwar, who states he tends to become anxious. Ishwar then questions Manri if she does not love Nandini, to which she responds that Nandini is her responsibility from Surbhi, which she fulfilled. Ishwar admits that he is unable to conceal his emotions like Manri. She kindly offers to bring him some lemonade. Ishwar reflects on how first his sister left him, then his daughter, and now even his mother has passed away. Manri turns and inquires about what he said. Mehul requests Manri to make some lemonade for him to stabilize his blood sugar.

Even though Naren offers Nandini some napkins, she keeps crying. He suddenly asks where it went but cannot find it. He even urges Kinjil to check the font. Nandini asks what he is searching for. When Naren replies, he says he has lost something important. Kinjil asks what else he needs besides Nandini Bhabhi, and Naren says he will be tense unless she returns her smile.


As Nandini enters the Hemraj Mansion, Jigar remarks that Hemraj has been holding a file ever since they left Upleta, and he wants to know what’s in it. Dhawal replies that he wants to keep it a secret. When Mitesh sees the name Ishwar in the file, he comes to Hemraj’s side to ask for his blessing.

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