Barsatein 15th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Reyansh’s Troubles with Aradhana Unfold


Barsatein 15th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhana says you can fire me if you like. Reyansh tells her to leave; it’s her responsibility. She leaves. He thinks she is venting anger on me… I think she is angry because Jai left… Aradhana calls Jai. She asks if you reached out. He says no, you look upset; everything is fine. She answers yes. Jai hears Aradhana and Reyansh talking. Aradhana says she won’t leave anywhere. He says I’m the boss. They argue.

I’m helpless to work here so I won’t go out with you. Your husband has gone to Manali, and you know why he went and with whom. I believe that you are the boss, and I am an employee. We have to go and accept the award. Aradhana thinks. Reyansh thinks she’ll tell me everything. She says I shouldn’t discuss anything with you. Reyansh says I will decide and leave, and he gets angry. Aradhana leaves.

Jai says I’m going back. Bani asks what, we got a slot in this resort after much effort, you’re doing great. He says that Aradhana is being forced to travel with him. Nita gives some good to a man. He says I shouldn’t have lied to Aradhana. He thinks I should not have lied to Aradhana. Nita covers up the matter. She gives a gift to Bhakti and says she wants to thank her. Bhakti replies you are our relative, and we didn’t do any favours for you.

Nita handed the gift to Bhakti, who gratefully thanked her. As Jai packed his bags and bid farewell, Bhakti expressed her initial concern about receiving an old machine from him, but Nita reassured her that it was a new chopper with great potential for their future. Nita urged the man to hurry up and explained that Reyansh had invited them to the award ceremony. However, Aradhana suddenly remembered that she had forgotten her insulin and asked them to proceed without her – she would meet them at the airport later. Her thoughts drifted to Jai and their marriage, which she had agreed to for her family’s happiness despite leaving behind her true love. Sadly, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed by his dishonesty and ongoing relationship with Bani.

Jai asks the man to be careful. Nita asks the men to leave. He says everything is fine, you came back so soon. Nita asks why you came back so soon. He changes his clothes. She says I started a small business to support my family. Jai asks her to say why she came back. She says it was for Aradhana’s sake that Jai came back. She gets angry with Aradhana and praises Bani for her values. Nita says he can’t live without his wife. Aradhana is working with Reyansh. She praises Aradhana.

After the light suddenly goes out, Aradhana quickly scans her surroundings. Just then, Reyansh arrives, and she insists that he leave. He asks why she’s so upset and demands answers from her. She questions his inquiry, and he says he thought he was the only one who could upset her. However, is there someone else causing her distress? Nita interjects, stating that Reyansh hinders both Aradhana and herself. Jai tries to defuse the situation, reminding Nita not to start an argument again as it could jeopardize their relationship. He trusts Aradhana unconditionally and doesn’t care whether or not she loves him back; he knows she will never deceive him. Reyansh inquires about what happened between them, but Aradhana accuses him of intentionally trying to come between her and Jai. Reyansh defends himself by mentioning Bani’s connection with Jai, suggesting that if Jai is lying about Bani, then it’s Aradhana’s issue to address. This statement angers Aradhana even more, causing Nita to make another accusation about Reyansh and Aradhana being together at that moment. Jai decides to go.

Jai is on the way. He says Reyansh will trouble her, so I’ll check if she wants to escape Reyansh for my sake. Aradhana says I don’t want to hear about him. He thinks of the marriage as incomplete. As Aradhana says, you think that punishing me every day is fine. Reyansh says you love me because I love you as well.

Whenever Jai does something, he says, you think it’s right, so ask him about Bani. She says I don’t have to ask. He says you feel bad, but I never cheated you, hurt you, but I never cheated you. Jai looks for Aradhana in the office. She says she trusts Jai. Reyansh asks why you’re lying and you don’t love Jai. Jai hears her and is shocked. He cries. Jai hears her and is shocked.


He drinks. Nita provokes him. Aradhana says Jai has hurt me significantly so that I won’t be yours.

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