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The scene opens with Sachin looking forlorn in his bedroom. His father joins him and encourages him to eat, reminding him how proud he is of his son and his trust in him. Sachin embraces his father and promises to make him proud. His father then reminds him of the job with the railway that will provide a steady income once he retires, but he won’t be able to support Sachin forever. Sachin acknowledges his father’s sacrifices for him and reassures him that he will take taxis everywhere in the city from now on. His dad then advises Sachin to save money for a future business venture, as Tejas disapproves of his current job. He praises Sachin’s wisdom and eagerly looks forward to dancing at the grand opening of his son’s taxi business one day.

Sachin says you get tired climbing stairs. His dad says you think I am old. Sachin says no. He eats the food. Sayali comes to the jeweller’s store and makes the instalment. The man asks her to get extensive notes. The employee shows her the designs and tells her you need one more instalment to get the bangles. New patterns have come. She inquires about the mangalsutra.

“He inquires if she is getting married. She shakes her head and clarifies that she was asking for her mother. Vinod then chimes in, expressing his relief at being saved from a hefty cost of 75000rs. The woman thinks to herself that it is indeed expensive. Vinod smiles as he watches her leave. He daydreams about going on a bike ride with her. Meanwhile, Renu gets dressed and reminds Sachin’s father to dress nicely before they meet a potential bride’s parents for Tejas’ marriage. As they gather, the man asks Deshmukh about his business. Suddenly, the police arrive to arrest Sachin. Renu becomes furious when the guy introduces himself as Ritesh rather than Sachin. Deshmukh assures the police that Sachin is not at home and that they will accompany them to the station. After the police depart, the guests express concern about giving their daughter to a family with a criminal in it.”

Renu’s anger flares up as Sayali chats with her dad. The goon, Sudhakar, appears and stares menacingly at the girls. Worry etched on his face, Sayali’s dad asks why he has arrived late, knowing there are young daughters in the house. Sudhakar becomes argumentative as Sayali hands him some money and sends him away. “Stop daydreaming about my marriage,” Sayali warns him sternly. Juhi takes a playful jab at Sudhakar before Sachin returns home. Deshmukh instructs him to go straight to his room, much to the dismay of his wife, who starts arguing in defence of her son. “You never try to understand him,” Deshmukh accuses her angrily. “He was only trying to help someone else.” In frustration, she retorts that he is always causing problems for others. Exasperated by their inability to see Sachin’s intentions clearly, Deshmukh admits that it may take them longer than expected to understand their son’s actions truly.

A friend of Deshmukh tells him that his retirement date is approaching, and he is receiving an award congratulations. He says, I didn’t realize 40 years had passed, come home, we will go to the temple together. He talks with Renu. Renu taunts him that he didn’t get a promotion. Tejas asks about the settlement amount. Deshmukh says I am not familiar with it. Sachin greets them. He jokes about Tejas’ unemployment.

Renu questions Deshmukh about their son’s intentions with the money, suggesting it could be used for his bail. She laments a missed opportunity due to Tejas’ actions and urges Deshmukh to support him. Sachin criticizes Tejas for not contributing financially despite taking money from their father, expressing disappointment in his educational achievements. Tejas asserts his desire for entrepreneurial success, stating that he wants to be a boss, not an employee, and believes he is talented enough to build his empire. Sachin advises their father to keep the money to himself, leading to a confrontation where Tejas angrily grabs Sachin’s collar.


He sees Sayali. Sachin says I won’t get married. Aaji says someone will be waiting for you. Sachin recalls his lover.

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