Jhanak 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Confrontation and Family Drama Unfolds

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Appu says that she got you this; Anirudh didn’t get anything. Arshi stops Jhanak. Anirudh thinks it’s the saree Jhanak wore to her wedding. Jhanak worries and thinks about what to say. Everyone questions Jhanak about the bridal saree. Appu shows the Sindoor Box and asks about it. Tanuja sees the Sindoor Box. Shrishti comes and looks at it. Tanuja says it’s good to see you. Shrishti says I got late. Did the puja end?

Dadi confirms the events, while Shrishti inquires about the incident. Vinayak urges Jhanak to flaunt her new saree, but Arshi intervenes and starts arguing. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Appu and Anirudh step in. Anirudh points out that it’s Jhanak’s matter, and she may have shopped while in Kashmir. Shrishti brings up Urvashi’s low salary from Bharat and questions how Jhanak can afford such a saree. Jhanak admits that it belongs to her, prompting Shubh to inquire about how she acquired it. Bipasha mentions that she left the wedding ceremony before completion, causing Shrishti to recall that Tejas gave Jhanak the saree. This leads to speculation about the sindoor on her forehead.

Arshi asks Jhanak to give them a clear answer. Jhanak explains that she found these items in her mother’s closet, which hold sentimental value. Anirudh suggests letting it go, as it is her personal life. Arshi expresses concern, noting that Jhanak is unmarried and has traditional marriage symbols like a wedding saree and sindoor. Tanuja agrees but reminds them not to be too quick to sympathize. Vinayak proposes having Jhanak stay with them at their house. Shrishti turns to Anirudh and asks if he will send her. He declines, stating that he brought her here and feels she should remain. Arshi questions why he is taking Jhanak’s side and whether he is acting as her guardian or friend, pointing out that her mother is Jhanak’s aunt. Anirudh clarifies that he has taken responsibility for Jhanak and intends to fulfil it. Dada questions the situation’s intensity over a simple saree and asks what the issue truly is.

Shrishti insults Urvashi, and Jhanak shouts for her to stop. Despite Shrishti’s education, travels, recognition, and experience, she resents Jhanak’s late mother. This causes Jhanak to feel alone and unloved, as instead of giving her the love she desires, Shrishti continues to insult and scold her without reason. Jhanak questions why Shrishti insists on speaking ill about her mother when she had no involvement in any past conflicts. As a daughter, it pains Jhanak to hear such things about her late mother from someone who has also insulted Urvashi previously. Although Jhanak did not choose to come here and is only here by force, no one shows concern for her feelings except Anirudh, who worries about the situation.

Don’t say this, Dadi says. Jhanak says sorry, but I’m human. I’m feeling bad, too, and I didn’t start this. She cries. Shrishti says look at you… Anirudh says she’s right, sorry aunty, you’re wrong, why should Jhanak take responsibility for Urvashi’s past, you don’t have any proof about her past, perhaps her father doesn’t want his name to be revealed. Arshi asks whether you have any evidence or information on her past.

As Anirudh reflects on Urvashi’s words, he firmly responds that anything is achievable. Shrishti interjects, expressing her desire to keep their family matters private. However, Anirudh points out that Shrishti’s words are causing harm and that she should acknowledge Jhanak as her daughter, just like Arshi. In response to this, Shrishti urges Arshi to observe the situation. Confused by the conflict between them, Arshi questions Shrishti’s behavior. Anirudh admits feeling disturbed by Jhanak being caught in the crossfire of their elders’ disagreement. Shrishti voices her curiosity about Jhanak’s sindoor and saree. Bipasha comments on how obstinate Jhanak can be despite being in this situation because of Anirudh. Lal reminds them that the police may come at any moment.

Jhanak affirms your suspicions; someone gave the saree and sindoor to her. However, she believes that not everything needs to be disclosed, and it is her choice to keep this matter to herself. She respects your choice and asks you to share it with her so she can accept it and depart. Arshi insists on knowing who gave Jhanak the saree and sindoor, but he advises against pressuring her. Arshi questions why Jhanak refuses to share this information, insinuating that something may be wrong. He asks what she means, and Arshi suggests that Jhanak may be having an extramarital affair due to running away from her wedding and Tejas not being the giver of these gifts. They both wonder who this person could be.

Anirudh believes we have enough information and don’t need to know more. Shrishti inquires why he thinks so. He explains that it would be wrong to force someone to reveal personal details in front of others and asks Shrishti if she would appreciate being put in such a situation. Shrishti then turns to Jhanak for her opinion. Vinayak intervenes, telling Jhanak she doesn’t have to answer. Arshi insists on finding out who gave her the item in question. Jhanak responds that she cannot provide an answer and leaves the decision up to everyone else – whether she stays or goes. Shrishti accuses her of deliberately withholding information, while Arshi wonders if perhaps Jhanak is already married. All eyes turn towards Anirudh as Jhanak looks on helplessly.


Shrishti says Jhanak is Jhanak’s boyfriend, and she has taken advantage of your innocence. Anirudh is shocked. Jhanak says this saree and sindoor don’t matter to me.

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