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During the episode, Anirudh says, “You are an excellent dancer. Why don’t you make it your profession?”. She says I can’t become a dancer, I know. He says I can’t become a dancer. He says I booked a houseboat for Arshi and me to stay after Arya’s wedding. She says I sell flowers there and give you a special deal. Amid Arya’s haldi, Anirudh and Jhanak leave on a cycle. They fall. They lock eyes. They get up and leave. Arshi claims Anirudh went out and forgot his phone.

Arshi asks Shrishti why she let him go. Shrishti says he’s not a kid. She says to find out where he went. Jhanak meets Rahul’s mum. She introduces Anirudh as Arshi’s would-be husband. She asks where Rahul is. Rahul’s mum tells her he’s sleeping and has a fever, so visit him. Rahul comes and says you’re here, Jhanak. Jhanak thinks I’d like 5 liters of milk. Rahul greets Anirudh.

She argues with Rahul. His mum says come in for tea, but Jhanak thinks I’ll come later. Rahul gets the milk. She asks about the price. He says you’re running late. She gives him the money. He asks her to leave. She says strange, I’m going. Call and come next time. She says I won’t call or come, but I’ll keep waiting, idiot. She leaves. The mother scolds him, too. He recalls Tejas’ words.

Urvashi ponders Bharat’s words before declaring her intentions. “I will make one final attempt,” she proclaims confidently, “I shall send Jhanak away.” Radha inquires about the details – “Where will you send her? And who will take care of her?” Urvashi’s mind drifts to the man who failed to fulfill his responsibilities towards Jhanak. Just then, Jhanak and Anirudh enter the room. Mami takes the milk can from them, and Arshi asks where they are together. Jhanak explains that she met Anirudh on the way, and they went to Rahul’s house. Bipasha invites them for a dance while Arshi urges them to change their attire first. Brij makes an appearance and gets a warm welcome from Bharat. Urvashi is taken aback upon seeing him, and Shrishti quickly interjects, “We are delighted you came.” Brij hands over a gift to Arya and blesses her.

Jhanak comes and smiles. She goes to take Brij’s blessings. Shrishti stops her. Jhanak says I thought I would take his blessings. Shrishti insults her. He says it would be his insult if Jhanak refused to take his blessings. Even though he doesn’t know the dance, Guru Ji still blessed me. Why can’t he bless Jhanak? The man insists that Jhanak take Brij’s blessings. Urvashi smiles. Shrishti asks Jhanak to go and work. Jhanak does. Bharat sends Arshi and Anirudh to the place.

Shrishti becomes upset and immediately contacts Urvashi, leaving Brij in utter shock upon her arrival. However, Urvashi abruptly departs. Shrishti then asks Brij if he recognizes her. As the girls joyously dance to “Mehendi hai rachne wali,” Anirudh captures photos of the festivities. Bipasha invites him to bust a move, but he insists on taking pictures instead. Urvashi kindly brings tea for Brij, but Shrishti insists on serving it instead. She informs Guru ji that Urvashi was once his student and suggests that her daughter reside in the servants’ quarters until Arya’s wedding as punishment for her mother’s actions. This makes Brij feel remorseful, but Shrishti instructs Urvashi to leave and attend to her duties.

As Arshi gracefully moves to the beats of Chalka, Jhanak can’t help but join in. Surprised by her actions, everyone’s attention turns towards them. Anirudh captures the moment with his camera while Brij can’t resist smiling at Jhanak’s joy. Shrishti and Arshi feel a pang of jealousy as they watch on. Arshi questions their sudden dance outburst, but Brij credits her for bringing out Jhanak’s hidden talent that day. Dismissing her skills, Arshi remarks that Jhanak has room for improvement. However, Brij praises her effort and progress so far. Feeling like she’s trying to seek attention, Arshi expresses disapproval over dancing at Arya’s haldi ceremony. Taking it upon herself to stop Jhanak from dancing any further, she intervenes.


Rahul informs Anirudh about Tejas kidnapping Jhanak. Jhanak is shocked when she sees Tejas. Anirudh says you should get your rights. Urvashi asks Brij to help Jhanak. Shrishti scolds Urvashi. Urvashi dies.

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