Kavya 23rd February 2024 Written Episode: Giriraj’s Arrest Shocks the Family!


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The episode begins with Giriraj’s menacing threats towards Kavya. A nearby reporter captures the entire encounter on video. Despite Giriraj’s actions, Kavya remains composed and declares her willingness to endure it all because of Adi’s fatherly connection, but she won’t allow anyone else to suffer. She blames Giriraj for endangering a woman’s life and worries about the impact on Adi if he were to find out. He reminds her of her love for Adi and how difficult it would be to reveal the truth to him. In tears, she agrees to keep quiet for Adi’s sake but warns that if Giriraj repeats his behavior, she will have no choice but to involve the authorities. This sets off a physical altercation between Giriraj and Vinod, during which Giriraj mercilessly beats up Vinod.

As Kavya watches, a truck arrives. Giriraj shoves Vinod in front of it, causing him to be involved in an accident. This turn of events takes aback both Kavya and the reporter. Giriraj rushes Vinod to the hospital and implores the doctor to do whatever it takes to save him. Upon arriving, Anurag inquires about the incident and asks if anyone saw them. Giriraj responds negatively, only revealing that Kavya was present. Anurag remarks on her tendency to always show up at crucial moments. Adi wants to know who their partner is, prompting Omi to recall the earlier conversation between Giriraj and Anurag. To protect himself, Omi deceives Adi by lying about their partner’s identity. Frustrated with Omi’s actions, Adi warns him of the potential consequences should this information come out and expresses his anger towards Omi for making such a mistake.

As Kavya recalls the accident, Giriraj says Vinod is fine. She says he might have died if you hadn’t brought him here. He says you wouldn’t have framed me if you hadn’t planned to. He says he lost his hand after raising his hand on me. She’s shocked. What are you going to do? He asks where he is going.

Kavya bears the weight of injustice, fearing that those children would have been left orphaned because of her actions. But she struggles to determine whose voice to heed – that of her conscience or the passing of time. Anurag advises her to let go of the past and move forward, but Kavya is unconvinced and argues with him and Giriraj. In a show of protectiveness, Giriraj declares his love for Adi and warns Kavya against causing any harm to his son. Fearing for Adi’s safety, Anurag cautions them against getting into a fight.

Meanwhile, everyone at home celebrates the news of Asha’s return and Kavya being cleared of all accusations. As Kavya returns home, Malini offers sweets to mark their triumph. Adi, oblivious to what has transpired, asks if everything is right now.

When Giriraj arrives, they see the news about Vinod’s accident. Rajeev asks Kavya whether she knows anything about it. Police arrive. The inspector says we’re sorry, but we have to arrest Giriraj for Vinod’s attempted murder. Everyone is shocked. Giriraj argues. The inspector arrests him. He asks Anurag to go back. Malini asks what proof you have. Giriraj says you are wronging everyone.

It’s okay, I’m coming with you, Anurag says. Giriraj says Kavya did it. Anurag says I won’t leave her. Giriraj is taken in the car. Malini asks Kavya to save him. Anjali says yes, so go find out what’s wrong with him. Malini says Giriraj is innocent. The man whose back is seen in the video is Giriraj, and Kavya says no. She cries.

Giriraj and Anurag claim it’s a fake case. The inspector says Kavya is your witness. Malini says you were there, so you arrested my husband. Kavya says no, I went to the hospital and didn’t get time to think about anything. Malini says you are lying. The inspector says Kavya ji has to stay with us. Anjali asks Kavya not to speak.

She says he is like your dad, so don’t say anything; this family will be ruined. Try to understand. Malini says don’t punish Giriraj, stay quiet, don’t tell anything; I know you won’t send Giriraj to jail.


Asha asks for justice. Dadi tells her I’m heading to Lucknow. Giriraj is jailed. Reporters return home. Asha asks for justice.

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